Me Too | The Unfortunate Truth

I am equally saddened by the fact that this has to be a conversation as I am ecstatic that it’s FINALLY happening…

And though sharing my stories so publicly is up there with some of the most terrifying experiences I’ve ever had, I think it’s important to get these out.  I can’t sit back and watch as others come forward to share their experiences, while I hide in the shadows with these secrets.

I am inspired…and in the spirit of helping push for change, it is an honor for me to share my experiences with you today…


I can only hope that this may inspire even just one person to share their story, to speak their truth without fear of judgement, to clear out that dark, dusty closet.

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I remember thinking, as I was growing up, how much simpler and peaceful my life would have been if I had just been born a boy.  How many less warnings my parents would have felt the need to give me each time I started walking out the door… How many less restrictions I would have had, how much later I could have stayed out and played.  How much easier I thought my life would have been.  How many less scars might I have today?

Oh to have been born into this world as the “untouchable / stronger” sex.


“Be careful out there, watch your surroundings, don’t wear this or that, he’s staring at you – lets move over this way”…  So many little things we’re told as little girls because no one wants to address what the conversation should really be about.

I remember being told once that if I wasn’t careful, I would end up being raped, murdered, hacked to pieces and spread out in the Florida canals in Tupperware containers.  I was 14 years old.

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When I say “Me Too”…


I mean it more seriously than anyone could ever imagine.

Many times I was out with my mother and sister, shopping at some store, when one of them pulled me away and guided me to a different area of the store because some man was ogling me.  I remember being so very angry that I always had to move away or adjust what I was doing because some grown a** man couldn’t control his gaze on a teenage girl.

“Why do I have to do ‘BLANK‘?!”

I was always questioning my mother – I usually tried to make a point of calling them out on it in some way, much to my mother’s fear.  It was this unspoken rule that you just didn’t do that – you moved along and made whatever adjustments you needed to in order to remove yourself from danger – instead of holding the person accountable for their own deplorable character flaws and unethical actions.

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I remember walking home from the bus stop on several occasions where truckers would cat-call and honk at me.  One particular day, there was a man driving some sort of sedan on the opposite side of the highway that stared at me for so long, he almost wrecked into another car at the red light.  I was very clearly a teenage girl walking home from the bus stop WITH A BACK PACK.


My parents, being scared and not knowing what they could do to prevent something from happening, taught me to start yelling “JAIL BAIT” at offenders to try and bring them back to reality and stop them from staring at me.

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In middle school, there was a boy everyone called “Lester the Molester”…

When I hurt my achilles tendon and had to be on crutches for a week and a half, this boy decided to pounce.  I was on crutches, carrying a back pack with only one strap, and somehow also managing to carry my clarinet case – on my merry way to shop class.

With both hands, Lester full on grabbed my butt, almost pushing me over.  I was filled with so many emotions, mostly shock and rage, as everything I was carrying dropped to the ground, in the middle of the bustling hallway.

No one but Lester and I were aware of what even happened, or rather, no one spoke up or let on that they had seen anything.

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My experiences with the men in public as well as the boys in school taught me that my body wasn’t my own, it was only meant for their own personal use / pleasure.  Nor was it safe to dress or act how I wanted.

Walking anywhere was a risk.


I was taught that walking properly (i.e. swinging my hips and having proper shoulder posture) was “asking for trouble”.

I remember trying to walk up the stair wells when I first started high school, wearing a skirt.  Someone reached through the lower level to grab my butt from underneath.  I had no earthly clue who even did it…and it was guaranteed that it wouldn’t be the last time.

Wearing skirts to school was simply out of the question.

Often times, through the hordes of students filing to class, boys would “accidentally” bump into my chest…some even would go so far as to full on grab both breasts, claiming they had tripped and fallen towards me.  I once had a boy tell me to my face that I shouldn’t have worn a certain outfit or walked a certain way if I didn’t want to be chased and touched.


I never felt safe at school…each boy seemed to be looking straight through my clothes… like I wasn’t even a person, just a piece of meat.

Berated with “HEY GIRL” everywhere I went – learning to completely tune them out – even when they became angry because they were of the assumption that they were Gods, and you couldn’t ignore their advances.

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My very first serious relationship experience was literally the worst of all of.

It was my first kiss, ever, and I remember feeling that amazing fire burning deep within my soul.  He was tall, strong and so very sweet… he had me hooked.

In time, driven by his own insecurities and a need to maintain control over me, I spent several years being physically, mentally and emotionally assaulted.  I was too good for him – and he knew it – he had to use every means possible to keep me in a state of “I have no where else to turn”.

Over those years, there were several times where I realized how scary things were getting, and I tried to break things off.  He would show up at my work (which made me quit my first real job after 2 weeks of working), my house, my classes…


He knew my schedule – and he made sure I KNEW THAT.  I walked around school constantly hiding the bruises all over my arms and legs, entire hand prints on my throat from being slammed against a locker because I “said the wrong thing”.  Constantly looking over my shoulder because I expected him to be following me (and he usually was).  He would twist my words around, make me out to be a “bad girlfriend”, attack my friends for supposedly “coming on to me”.

I eventually pushed most of my friends away – I isolated myself entirely – under the guise that it was my responsibility to do so – I was “protecting” them.  I took everything on alone, a sad and unconscious effort to minimize the outside sources which would cause me more pain and punishment.

Interesting how I could be surrounded by such a massive sea of people, yet feel so very alone.

It was pure chaos and terror every day for about 5 years.

In my freshman year of high school, this beast would force me to skip classes (under much duress) so that he could “have his way” with me.  The day I lost all motivation to argue, fight or run, was the day the icy tendrils of those fateful words wrapped themselves around my still-beating heart: “If you don’t give it to me, I’m going to take it”.  And so he did – aggressively.

I remember silently sobbing the entire time it was happening.  I had never felt so betrayed, so little, so “not in control” of my own well-being in my entire life.


And afterwards, he belittled me about how it didn’t mean anything to him at all… he laughed about it with his disgusting slimy friends who would later come up to me (on several occasions) just to ask me about it so they could laugh in my face.

At that time, people could see what was happening.  Everyone could see it.  I felt like I had no where to go, no where to turn…and if I left him, he’d kill me – or so I was told almost every single day.  It’s why my parents began restricting me at home so badly – “if we keep her inside the house, at least we can protect her outside of school”.

For me, the only reason I was able to escape that situation was because this monster’s parents moved to another county.  If not for that, I would probably be dead.

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So many years have passed since then, but those words are forever etched into my memory.


Though after much internal work and time to heal – they don’t sting like they used to.

It was my “first time” – and because of his inability to control himself, it was forever tainted.  Moments you can never get back in your life.

As I grew older, it broke my heart just listening to these “fairy tale” scenarios from my friends about their “first time”.  It made me very angry for a very long time.

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For so many years I shamed myself for not speaking up…

Every day, I questioned how many other girls / women I caused to experience this abuse from him after me.  “If I had reported him, could I have stopped something from happening in the future.”

At the end of the day, I do still feel bad that he was never reprimanded for his actions…but I forgave myself…because I was a teenage girl who truly believed that speaking out would mean my own demise.

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The fact that people seem to be able to willingly stand by and watch a fellow human being go through this type of torture is inexcusable and vile.

This isn’t about what we as women can do to prevent ourselves from being put in these situations.

It’s about educating our youth – it’s about teaching mutual respect and self-control. It’s about being honest about what is happening around us, holding people accountable for their actions in tangible ways, and being willing to get dirty, to start making some real, progressive and loving changes as a society.

It needs to be brought fully into the light.

To me, this f***ing conversation is LOOOONG overdue, and “we the people” are demanding that our freedoms, safety and security be defended as equally as ALL OTHERS – we are demanding real CHANGE.


Let’s get real America, TOGETHER!

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Much Love & Light,
Emily Shultz

F*** Timmy the Tumor

Today my beautiful and strong warrior sister goes in to surgery to remove a brain tumor…
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“Dear Ones – I open to you. I come to you empty … ready to be filled with Love and Light and a little Luck. Ready to be magical. Ready to co-create miracles. Show me the steps, and I will take them.”  –  Michele McGrew | April 30th, 2017

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…so here I am, sitting at work, feeling like the worst friend in the world… I was reminded by an amazing friend that this isn’t the case at all, that we all do the very best we can at each and every moment with the energy reserves we have available to us.

Today I questioned what type of person allows their work and/or personal problems to get in the way of their friend in need, and f***ing brain surgery…

Though I am sending Reiki healing, both from myself and within my online Reiki community, Violet Flame, and angelic support, somehow still, my lack of physical presence during her time of need weighs so very heavily on my soul.

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But honestly, regardless of how I feel within this moment, today is not about me at all.

Today is about Michele’s healing journey.

Today is about making sure Timmy the Tumor vacates this world, promptly, with no residual affects.

Today I ask this Universe to move Heaven and Earth to facilitate the highest outcome with full and complete healing.

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Because I cannot imagine a world without this amazing woman.

I cannot imagine a world where my dearest roommate, soul sister, mentor and warrior goddess doesn’t exist.  I refuse to acknowledge that as a possibility.  Because it’s not.

Many a night this past week, I’ve spent shouting at the heavens thru streams of tears:


Because it’s not time yet.  And this Universe will have to accept that this amazing angel of light will have to stick around this Earth plane for a lot longer.

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I have never in my life struggled this hard putting into words what my heart, mind, soul and body want to express.  So many things bumbling around in my brain…  (Daily Prompt: Bumble)

So much to say about such an amazing person.  Feeling so helpless to the process, wanting to jump in with both feet to rescue her from this journey.  But that’s not what this is about either.  This is her journey.  I cannot “save her”…and I’m sure she’d resent it even if I did.  Because she’s a f***ing WARRIOR.  Warrior’s don’t need saved, they need fellow warriors to step up and stand as one unit.  And they also can save themselves.  I trust that this amazing woman knows exactly what her body needs to heal itself.  Timmy the Tumor is being plucked out today, never to return!  (Daily Prompt: Pluck)

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But I’m still scared.  Because this shit is scary.  And I love this woman with every fiber of my soul.  Every single day I’ve sent love, light and healing her way…trying my very best to keep my ridiculous fears contained and to myself.

Fear is not what is needed right now.

We fight those demons with love and light, though it doesn’t make the fight any easier, it does surround the process with beauty and grace.  We will bury the fear along with Timmy, and raise up the energies of this magical Earth to spread love and miracles, transmuting and transforming for the best possible outcome.  (Daily Prompt: Bury)

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I am eternally grateful to those who surround her today…

Those who can be present and support one another just as much as they are supporting her in this process.  I cannot fathom an outcome that doesn’t equal a full recovery with this much love, light and support from so many people across the country, hell, the world.

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If anyone can help at all with Michele’s upcoming financial burdens during this journey…Please…any little bit will help… Fight with Michele

As my own personal offering, and a gift to those who can and do help my mentor and sister, when you donate, comment with #LemurianLightOracle and share it to my Facebook page (Lemurian Light Oracle), and I will reach out to you about either a free color reading, or a distance Reiki healing (your choice).  My own way of showing gratitude for your compassion, kindness and assistance.

If anyone is out there that can send a little extra healing energy her way as well…please do…it is all so very greatly appreciated!

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Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

Breath Deeply & Reconnect


It would seem that everyone is experiencing a large amount of turbulence in their lives these days.  As each day passes, something adds to the drama and stress of the day to day.

I’ve been feeling the weight of the barrage of seemingly negative occurrences as well.  Recently it would seem the paths are all posted with signs saying, “whatever can go wrong…will”.  I definitely wallowed in the negativity for awhile, because let’s face it, that’s the easiest choice there is.

Being awake, however, means working every single day to be aware of my thoughts and patterns…  To remember that I’m on this Earth to learn from my experiences, not to hide away in the shadows, sobbing quietly.

I try to remind myself regularly that, though the negative vortex is so easy to fall back into, it’s far more rewarding to push myself past it…to transcend it through focused intent and a wonderfully supportive group of soul sisters/brothers.


With that as my introspective thought while flipping through the mermaid cards, the message they provided told me that now, more than ever, is the time to reconnect with ourselves.

To breath deep the radiant energy available to us all at anytime, if only we would take a moment to focus.




In that moment, truly focus your attention on how revitalized your body is becoming with the divine exchange of life-bringing energies.

Through this focused breath, we not only reconnect with ourselves, but we reconnect with the pure healing energy of Source / Creation / Earth herself.

By doing so, we keep ourselves grounded and centered, become more stable mentally and emotionally, and we are better able to handle what life sends our way.


Daily Prompt: Connected

Magic Clouds


In my eyes, the sky has been a wondrously magical mirror since the day I was born.


It’s my most favorite place to look for messages…staring up at the sky, feeling the warm breeze over my face and through my hair, watching the clouds, the stars, the birds… and just ‘Being’.

A place for the Universe to pass notes to our hearts in the giant classroom of life, if only we are willing to take a time out now and then to tune ourselves in.

Divine little notes that carry the messages our hearts are longing to hear and feel…but our minds so desperately want to keep away from us…fearful of the potential for pain.

The key is to listen with your heart and soul, not with your mind or ears.

The sky has been a such great source of introspective inspiration over the years…it has a truly primal magic and energy about it.  Never limited to those stereotypical, ‘happy-go-lucky’, fluffy white clouds.

I can always ask a question silently, almost willing the answer to appear, and the clouds will begin to morph and shape themselves into the answer I need.

I’ve also found that the shadowy mysteries hidden deep within the dark, ominous storm clouds can hold the most profound and crucial messages of all.

In my experience, the  weather seems to completely mirror the state of my mind, my energetic field.

Anger and depression seem to call forth the stormy rain clouds and high intensity lightning.  This strangely always brings a comforting peace to my soul… a reminder from the Universe that we are capable of standing tall and strong through the worst storms, while still maintaining our inner peace.

It takes consistent conscious effort to maintain that level of stillness and zen..

I remember one specific point in my life where I begged and pleaded with the Universe to help me understand where I was headed…there I was, knelt down in the grass in the middle of an emptying park…sunset warm on my eyelids as I sobbed uncontrollably.

When I finally looked up and beyond my tears, the clouds had formed into the shape of a camel… A desert creature who wisely prepares itself for the unknown future, sent to remind me gently that I can indeed trust my own intuition to succeed.

I thought, “well gee, thanks Universe…that’s a bit of a ‘cop out’ but okay…”  Instead of learning the lesson that the Universe, and the clouds, provided to me, I continued following the same path with the same patterns of behavior.

The message was supposed to incite wisdom and push me to pick myself up. When the Universe finally stepped in to “fix” things, trust me when I say it wasn’t very pretty.

We are constantly being presented with situations that are intended to remind us of our abilities within.

If changes have to occur on your behalf because you stuck your head in the desert sand and refused to acknowledge or take action, it’s not going to be easy to get through and likely very painful.

As we progress,  and especially if we are resistant, the lessons become more intense…

No one ever said our paths would be paved with complete ease and comfort.  Sometimes we need a little hard truth…a little wake up slap from the Universe.

I honestly believe it’s important for us to utilize every tool we have available in order to look for the road signs that appear along our paths. It’s a great honor to me, knowing that I have methods available to me that our ancestors have passed down for so many generations.

I am so very thankful to be a part of a generation / timeline where these methods are coming to the forefront to be honored and integrated once again.

I respect those around me so much for walking each step of their path fully with the kind of integrity and strength that no words or ‘action movie’ could ever fully embody.

To be so aware of yourself, your thoughts and feelings, as well as those of the people around you while simultaneously trying to pull yourself through some rough and stormy weather…

That takes some serious dedication, honesty, and genuine vulnerability.

Word Prompt: DesertStorm & Clouds

The Distorted Mirror | Body Dysmorphia 

One morning, my roommate attempted to compliment me about how thin and healthy I was looking.  To which I proceeded to laugh / scoff, quite rudely…  I didn’t intend to do so, it was the first reaction that I had and I couldn’t hold it in.


My other roommate instantly called me out on it and in that moment, I realized that perhaps that wasn’t the most polite or positive response.  But I was not in a mindset that morning to hear “you don’t need to lose any more weight”.

The last 2 years I’ve been fighting with the last 20 lbs that just needs to get the f*** off of me.  So to hear someone say “you don’t need to lose any more weight” just sort of sent me into a spiral of “you don’t know what I’m going through and how dare you tell me what I need or don’t need to do with my own body”.

Which of course was ridiculous… My dearest friends were providing loving and supportive words of encouragement, but I just couldn’t accept the possibility that they were speaking truth.


All of my life, I’ve juggled everyone’s opinions about what my body should or shouldn’t look like.


Sometimes even from those that were closest to me – “that makes you look like a cow” or “you’re such a skinny b****”.


At 14/15 years old, that sort of molds your mind to an understanding that being skinny isn’t good for you / won’t help you to fit in.  Then I would go to school only to be bullied for supposedly having “thunder thighs”…

I even had a boyfriend at the time who used to pinch my stomach skin and make side-ways comments about how I’d been packing on the pounds.  At the time, I probably only weighed 135-140 lbs (with substantial muscle – because I was very active and worked out every single day).  I was thin, fit and perfectly sized for my height (5′ 4”).

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At another very vulnerable point in my life (early 20s), I wasn’t in a safe place with safe people – at all (for about 7 years).  eyes-730751_1280 I was being mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually abused as well as manipulated.

My feelings were never allowed to be expressed, if they were, somehow the situation became my fault and no honor or respect was given to what I was experiencing.

So, I shut down and began eating my feelings.  At my worst, I was 220 LBs of emotional stuffing.

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I am currently 160 LBs, though, you would think I weighed 550 lbs by the way I talk to myself internally.  I am terribly mean and judgmental to my body.

The problem with losing so much weight?  You end up with a lot of extra / loose skin that really just makes you feel like Jabba the Hut at the end of the day.

People have told me many times it’s just my mental image of my body, if you just get out there and wear a bikini, you’ll feel better.  No.  I won’t.  Because I’ve got “fun bags” where my flat tummy used to be.  I feel like a giant bowl of disgusting jello walking the streets – in disbelief that they even allow me in public.


In this back and forth, I developed a bit of a psychosis.

I couldn’t fit into my family without being bigger, but I couldn’t fit in anywhere else because I was too fat.  My entire life has been a struggle back and forth between “I’m eating too much” and “I need to eat more food”.

Now, that seems really harsh, but I’ve grown up with body issues.

I actually spent a year not realizing that I was consistently starving myself because I felt too guilty to consume food.  Then I would binge.  Then I would starve.  Then I would binge…and so on.

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Over the years, I’ve gotten better at catching myself in “starvation mode” before it gets too far.  But I continue to struggle with this idea of “accepting my body as it is”, instead of holding unrealistic expectations, knowing that I’ll have to “punish my body” for “failing me” yet again.

I teeter back and forth from starving myself to the point of excruciating stomach pains / almost passing out to over-stuffing (because of starvation mode), followed by total self-shaming which then leads to the new punishment of starvation to make up for the over-eating.

Circle, circle, circle, circle…when does the cycle stop?

Nothing is ever quite good enough as far as the work I put in.  I recently convinced myself that I couldn’t get back into the one thing I really loved doing (running) because I had clearly become too fat and unfit.  I decided that I had clearly gone from weighing 145 lbs to 160 lbs (in a month).

Every time I look at myself, I notice how terribly flabby and fat “I am”.  I’ve had a gym membership for the last year – I’ve gone once.  Because I believe I’m too terribly un-presentable for the public eye that I couldn’t possibly go into a public gym until I get back into running and get a few pounds off.


When I look at myself in the mirror, I don’t see what other people see, I see 220 lb me crying and sobbing for someone to pull me out of my own skin and save me from this terrible body shaming nightmare.

How is it that after 6 years of having all of that weight off, that I still can’t see anything different when I look in the mirror?

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These past few months have been rather tumultuous and emotional for me, lots of old things coming up to be healed – patterns to be broken.  This particular wave of clearing comes after moving through a chakra course with a fantastic group of soul sisters.

I’ve done so much work – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – yet somehow, those results seem to fail to make it to that mirror / reflection.  I can only see the flaws, the flabs, the stretch marks, the double chin, the signs of aging…you name it, I’ll find a flaw for it.

I was doing a bit of homework the other day – listening to a shamanic drumming & an OM chanting meditation while I focused on the root chakra.  After a few minutes, I found I was distracted, suddenly I am researching work-outs and Pilates for belly fat, weight loss, toning, etc.

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fantasy-2913953_1280Our bodies are supposed to be our temples; but if we let our mind run the show, the temple often gets left to fall into ruin, all the while, your mind tells you how you’re failing at the temple’s up keep.

It’s a catch-22.  You can never win or be happy when you’re caught in that cycle.

The key, I’ve found, is daily gratitude and acts of self-love.  It’s so much harder for your mind to wander into the field of negativity when you’re bombarding it with positive thoughts and feelings.  You start to recognize all of the little things in your life that make everything so magical in this Universe.

I’m so very grateful to be alive, I’m truly blessed to have so many supportive people in my life as I move through these old patterns.  And I know in my heart that nothing can ever change for the better without that action.

Positive actions lead to changes, positive changes lead to personal growth, and positive personal growth leads to expansion beyond your wildest dreams.

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This past week, instead of focusing on what I have / have not eaten, I chose to just eat properly and not dwell on anything at all.

Making salads and smoothies, smaller portions, less alcohol, sugar and caffeine.  And “somehow”, I now feel like my energy level is much higher – maybe even high enough to get back into running!

When my body (temple) feels loved, I feel good?  Who would have thought?

pop-art-2982960_1920So, in this moment, I choose to stop “struggling” in the vast ocean of shadows and unknown outcomes, of negative thoughts about my reality which only cause more pain…

I choose to open and heal my heart of these old, old wounds, to balance mind, body & soul.

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I choose internal peace …

I choose to honor these shadows …


… not by ignoring them or pushing them down …

but by taking positive actions towards my goals …

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Lies and stories that once served your soul as a protective measure – these things can’t serve us well anymore.

We are only ever truly limited by our own beliefs and road blocks.


To shine the light of love into those shadows

– to acknowledge the old wounds without judgments –

it’s the best and most important thing that we can do for ourselves right now.

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Much Love & Light,
Emily Shultz
Lemurian Light Oracle


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Compassion’s Truest Form

For me, compassion is being able to recognize the hurt in another, accepting that your reaction to their pain can either help them heal or create further pain, and consciously choosing the path of healing – instead of perpetuating the cycle of sadness and hurt.

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It’s often a bittersweet sort of funny when we are forced to face our worst fears.  You are challenged, in the blink of an eye – do you stand with integrity and accept where you may have made mistakes, or do you hide away and make excuses for why things went the way they did, how you’re the victim and it could never have been your fault?

I’ve grown so very tired over the years of trying to make excuses for every little thing.  It’s so much more freeing, and HONORABLE, to step up to your mistake.  “I’m sorry” doesn’t negate the source of pain inflicted…  This is something I try to remind myself every day.  You must act with integrity and kindness, be aware of how your actions and words ripple out to those around you.  “I’m sorry” doesn’t fix a broken glass, it doesn’t heal an open wound, and it doesn’t actually take any words back.  Speak with truth, not from a place of ego or hurt.

I truly believe that if we stopped building so many defensive walls around ourselves, our hearts, our world would be much much more peaceful and compassionate.  We’ve spent so many years as children being trained that it wasn’t safe to be vulnerable, that the moment you showed weakness, the lions would move in for the kill.  Maybe at some point in your life, like mine, that was a valid reaction and did indeed save you from a hungry pride of lions.  Eventually though, that mindset becomes outdated and stale.  The same patterns that once literally kept you alive, are really just causing untold amounts of toil and strife within your soul.

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Try to remember that you are never really alone until you decide that you are – you’ll begin unconsciously isolating yourself.

Convinced of these egotistical lies built around your isolation as well as the ease and perceived “comfort” of playing the victim.  I love me.  And there is nothing wrong with loving myself as long as it is from a place of self-respect and self-worth, not from a place of selfishness and attention seeking.

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Harm none. That’s the only real rule to love (not live) by.

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Imagine if you experienced something terrible, but when you went about your day, every person you ran into was kind, outgoing, polite, considerate and even loving…

Regardless of what they had experienced on their path so far.



If we were more conscious that the hundreds upon hundreds of souls surrounding us are all going through the same stressful, annoying, chaotic lessons and lives that we are, perhaps we WOULD be more understanding.

I’ve often found that reminding myself that the guy next to me might have just received terrible news about his home, or that the woman in the supermarket is grieving so deeply that she isn’t aware of her surroundings at all..

It is my honest belief that this is how we are supposed to act, as a species.  We were meant to support and uplift each other.

We were meant to be a part of a Global Tribe.

Both distance and time are irrelevant human constructs to help us cope with the day to day patterns.  Part of our never-ending need to label and categorize everything, so that there will be no “unknowns”.

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The only limitations we truly have on this Earth, are the ones we place on ourselves.  For example, I can connect with you the same way from Florida as I would from Greece (via energetic means).

You are an infinite being, a divine spark of Source / God.  You really believe you are limited so deeply?

If I really focus I can feel what another person is feeling just by thinking about it consciously but especially when I’m face to face with someone.  For me, it can be a bit overwhelming at times but it truly is both a blessing and a curse.  Because of it, I have a better understanding of what people are feeling even if they don’t quite know how to put it into words themselves yet.  When someone is lying or avoiding saying something to me, I might not know what or why, but I can sense something is amiss.  The “curse” comes in when this relates to the people close to you.  I myself have been in the process of learning to shield myself and prevent this connection from happening “unknowingly”, for me, part of the awakening process is learning which gifts you have, and how / when to use them appropriately.

This is just one of the multitude of Divine Source-given abilities available to us all on this Earth, if only we are willing to explore them.


As children, a lot of us were always told things like: “you’re being silly” ~ “you’re being too sensitive” ~ or ~ “you’re just seeing things / making things up”.  Now is the time to break away from those old statements that shut us down and made us feel useless, gift-less or unworthy of love.

Now is the time to spread your wings freely as these sweeping winds of change carry you, unshackled by false stories, into this new age of divine love and light.  Only compassion, understanding and peace can continue from this point on.

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All of these darker, heavier, more negative energies have been overruling this planet for eons.  It’s time for the light to begin to balance.


The negative will always be a factor, because this Universe has and always will be about balance.  But it’s also about balancing your own emotions and reactions; when you are triggered, your response is the key to your own healing.  If you respond with the old pattern of “react from a place of ego and hurt before you evaluate”, you will perpetuate the negativity.

Instead, try to take a moment – step away from the situation, evaluate how you could react in a compassionate way.  Look closely at WHY the situation even triggered such a powerful internal / emotional response in the first place.  In that moment, you are choosing to stand with integrity and honoring your own emotions while simultaneously honoring the person next to you.  Be grateful to them for triggering you – for being such a powerful reflection for you – for being the catalyst so that you could finally heal the old pattern.  These are often the ones you most need to heal, things you’ve buried and hidden so deeply beneath the surface of your conscious awareness that the only way for it to come to the light was by that interaction.

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That is what this Earth is about.

We walk around with soul agreements which basically state that I will interact with you in this way to intentionally trigger you, to provide you with an opportunity for healing and compassion.

You may fail.  Several times.

But the situation will continue to be triggered until you finally address it from a place of centered focus and love, instead of irritation / victim / anger / hate / fear.

Try to remember that a ‘failure’ is still just a lesson being learned – we all reach our breaking / rebuilding point at different stages.

Not one single human being on this planet is perfect.  We all try our hardest and do the best we can… We all deserve forgiveness and compassion, especially those struggling the most.

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My feelings and experiences are 100% valid, but to have personal integrity, I have to ask myself, what sort of person do I want to be?

How do I want to present myself to the world?


  • Cold and heartless, with no emotional attachment to those that should honestly be some of my closest allies?


  • Kind and compassionate, someone that anyone could come to for help in a time of need?  Approachable?

Do I want to be ruled by fear of future hurt by opening myself up to someone or do I want to be an example of true strength in stepping up to the potential for hurt with a warm heart, accepting whatever comes my way…?

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I think the true take away is actually two fold:
  • Learn to accept those around you just as they are, hold compassion for them in your heart, not resentment, anger or fear.  Regardless of what you think or feel someone should be doing or acting, they are still a human.  One with their own experiences developed over many years and many life times.


  • Your role isn’t to judge those around you dear ones.  Your role is to accept one another exactly as you are.  Acknowledge the beauty in others as you would like them to do for you.

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We truly are in this ride for the long haul, and here we are unconsciously making it harder for ourselves and others simply because we are clueless to the laws of attraction / the universe.

However, all is not lost because more are awakening to the truth of it all. More are hungry for knowledge and wisdom then ever before. More love flows from the hearts of those around us then we could ever have even conceived two or three years ago.


It truly is inspiring to see all of these wonderful souls grow and evolve together.

People lifting one another up instead of kicking them down.

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I know in recent days, it hasn’t seemed that this planet has become all that ‘enlightened’.  Quite the contrary though…  Remember, things usually get worse just before they take a turn for the better. The tests will always get harder the further you excel.

This is a moment for us to all look at each other and realize that no one really wins without our collective love and positive action.

Only we can help ourselves towards the loving and beautiful planet we all envision in our minds.  Purely by envisioning it collectively, we’ve set the ball in motion…the only piece that is missing is the ‘positive’ action.

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Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

Path to Self-Discovery | Phoenix Souls


The other morning I was feeling a little ornery.  I had gone to bed without dinner the night before and crashed for about 12 hours.  I woke up super restless at about 4 AM, went back to bed for another hour of frustratingly flopping around…until finally I squeezed another hour of sleep in.

coffee-cup-2317201_1920When I was about to walk out the door that morning – coffee in hand – my roommate informs me that “this week is a good week to reach out to your congressmen / women about the new health care system”.  I try not to get sucked into the political drama…but I thought, if this is important to my roommate, it’s important for me to hear the situation out.  As you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly in the best head space to absorb this information – and I am also not a morning person on a regular day.

The reasons why I should reach out to these representatives didn’t sound any different from the crappy way things are currently set up to begin with, except that now the rich are getting more breaks and the poor are getting even more f***ed than before.



I immediately felt this dark cloud of negativity… of complete futility… floating just above

The kind that no matter how much side-stepping you do, it follows you… ever looming and pressing.

Eventually, the following thoughts came through about this entire situation:

“My voice doesn’t matter in this current system.  Not to say that my voice doesn’t matter, however, fighting the same fight against the same system over and over still hasn’t brought any actual progressive and positive changes (just a taste here and there to keep us complacent).  I don’t see why smashing my head against a political wall is going to help anyone except those running this current system, laughing at the futility of our efforts…  


My voice does matter… but they don’t want to hear it.  My soul brothers and sisters hear me without my even speaking a single word.  Actions and souls speak louder.


My soul reaches for other souls, not words or laws.  These laws can’t hold me down. 


These new rules and regulations can’t hold me down.


Because try as they might, they can never take my true freedom… you can burn my body, but my spirit will always rise from the ashes.”


I fully believe that as beings of light and love, we have the power to change the entire course of our future by working from within.  Not by stretching ourselves and our energies so thin or by getting so twisted and worked up about the symptoms that are popping up all over the place that we forget how to move within the shadows.  These are all results of our connected consciousness.  We each need to focus more on ourselves, our hearts, our souls, our head spaces…if we all did our part, these external symptoms would change.


That is the point of this Earth school…you have the power to change every single thing around you…if only you put in the work.


And I don’t mean calling a Senator each and every day (though if you feel you need to, go for it).  None of these people are acting from a level of consciousness that would be a conduit for REAL change.  They care whether or not they’ll get another vote from you when the time comes around so they can continue being complacent in their own jobs, accepting pay-offs and HUGE pay checks to sit back and watch the world burn around them.  I’m done buying into this nonsensical system.

The entire point of becoming awake, aware and conscious is realizing that every single thing in this reality is a reflection of something within.


Shift the internal sources and the results displaying externally will shift.  You have all of the power in the Universe to shift your own reality.  At this point, I would appreciate it if those that don’t feel this way would stop trying to pull me back into the negative cloud of drama that they are intentionally feeding everyone to keep them distracted, angry, sad, upset, stressed, tired and frustrated.


Though, I am also completely understanding and compassionate that people will continue to perpetuate this pattern until they are triggered enough to finally face their shadows and address the REAL issues.

I plan to continue focusing on working on my own issues and watching as the entire Universe shifts to accommodate.

I trust that the Universe has a Divine plan for all of this nonsense.  I trust that if I continue to do my part of the work, things will shift for the better.  I trust that eventually everyone else will begin to see this and do the same… but I also remain aware that this is a slow process and that it’s best not to hold expectations or create time lines.

That said, there is indeed an interesting balance that needs to be kept with remaining conscious and aware of the events unfolding around us while simultaneously being detached enough so as not to be pulled into the many whirlwinds of fear and hate.

Recognize your triggers, face your shadows, and love yourself free of your self-inflicted limitations.meditation-1384758_1280

Much Love & Light,
Emily Shultz

Entangled Reflections

Reflections of past…present…future…

Two souls entangled in love…in pain…in tears…

Each Sacred, each Divine…

One full of compassion…confusion…fear…

The other lost in ego…anger…resentment…

One wonders what could’ve been…if the other could’ve changed…

The other asks ‘why me’‘what punishment is this’

They can never go back…

Wounds so lovingly inflicted…

Both and neither are truly to blame…

The end of a contract…a soul agreement…

A voice in the wind softly whispered…‘never the same…never the same…’

Angelic Presence 

Glimmering, shining, glistening, shimmering, sparkling…

Radiant lights of all shapes and colors…

Whirling around us all throughout our journey in this life time…

A little support for your career here…a little protection from unseen forces there…

They truly only wish the best for us…

And within the laws of this Universe, they help whenever they have an opportunity…

Truly spiritual beings.

Embodiment of love and compassion.

Divine truth and justice.

Executed swiftly with unstoppable will and intention.

I feel blessed and honored in their mere presence…


Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

The Year of Energetic Excellence | 2017

Mermaid 3_03.24.16

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Firstly…let me apologize to those who were left hanging on a branch, anxiously awaiting the next piece of wisdom or introspective discussion.  I’ve been working very hard these last few months on my own path of self-improvement (and certifications!).

I’m excited to finally say that I am a certified Usui Reiki Master but even more excited to announce that another Reiki certification is in the works (Crystal Reiki Master).  I’m working very hard to learn everything I can so that I can share my knowledge, wisdom, energy and joy with all of you.

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In the next year, there will be an online course available which will go through each of the Archangels that I’ve chosen especially for this purpose.  The course will teach you everything you need to know about each of these magnificent energetic beings as well as how you can begin the process of honoring and calling on them within your day to day lives.

Each video will be Reiki charged for a specific purpose, and I’ll explain that in more depth within the video as well.  There will be a focused meditation where you will receive the full extent of the Reiki healing energy as well as the healing energies of the Archangels.  This course should be life-changing and transformative for those that are ready to really dig in and connect.

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Because I’m working with the Archangels, I also feel the need to state that, though this would likely be “extra enjoyable” for those following a certain religion, this course is in no way at all geared towards any specific religion and will not be pushing any beliefs…

No religious over-tones here!

I intend to create a safe place for those that wish to experience powerful healing energies and aren’t closed to certain modalities based purely on religious beliefs.  All religions are respected and honored.  Energy is energy and has no ‘religious boundary’.

So….big things are coming in 2017 – hold onto your hats!!!

Feel free to email / contact me with any questions or comments.  I welcome everyone’s input and opinions, things you’d like to see added in the Archangel’s course/meditations or maybe your interested in a different sort of course…if so, let me know what it is!  I love encompassing new modalities and energies into my practices.

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Happy Yule!!!


Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

Checking in…Lookin’ for Your Feedback!

Hi Everyone!

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog.  I’ve been really busy being productive, learning new things and coming up with new ideas that I can share with you all!  😊

I wanted to ask those who are interested to take a few minutes to answer a few questions, and leave me some feedback.

Click Here to go to Survey

It’s just two questions and a comment field and it would really help me determine what my next steps will be.

Keep in mind that the programs mentioned would be offered both in person as well as virtually, and all include Reiki energy.

Thank you so very much and please feel free to shoot me an EMAIL any time with questions or helpful input.

Silence Within a Thunderstorm

I’m going to be straight forward… These last few months have been mentally, barn-1364280_1280emotionally, physically and spiritually challenging on so many levels.  The moment I felt I could catch my breath, I was thrown right back into some other tumultuous life lesson.  To say the least, my energy is very low, I feel very drained…but not in a bad way.  I am eternally grateful for the lessons I learned, and the growth that these whirlwinds of energy cleared a path for.  Now is just the time for a brief rest and some introspective reflection on my path so far.

That said, I’m writing this post to reflect on the cleansing affect that a rainstorm truly has for us, if we open our hearts and allow ourselves to receive it.

Today, after many moments of “am I angry or about to cry…”, a very large and vocal summer storm started rolling in.  At first the sky became a dark, smokey black and the trees began to bend with the wind.  A light sprinkle, an ominous rumble.  I smiled.  Every fiber of my being wanted to be outside in that rain.

Since I was very little, storms were calming to me…the cool breeze, the feeling of water showering down from the heavens… I believe it’s cleansing for the entire body, right down to the soul…  Divine little blessings of love, joy, peace, comfort, protection and light within each little droplet.  I imagine that their energetic blessings are immediately connected with my soul as each drop splashes onto the surface of my body.

I found myself sitting in the rain for at least twenty minutes today.  Feeling the heavens bless me with it’s cleansing energy…feeling the old feelings and negative energies being washed away, right where I stood.  I cried a little…I paced around…I sat contemplatively…I splashed through puddles…I was within those moments, completely present with myself and how I needed to process these energies – my silence within a thunderstorm.

 I am so eternally grateful for this connection with the storms and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to brave it themselves (do be careful of lightning though – always be cautious and safe)!

I will also be providing a meditation related to this same thing very soon – stay tuned!  🙂

Written By: Emily Shultz


Daily Prompt: Silence