Butterfly Shadows

Sometimes all it takes is a day of complete silence to realize that you really need to deal with those shadows in the closet. The mind is a wonderful and powerful tool. I say this not with negative inflections but merely as a silent observation of self and a realization that all things must be addressed, not just the easiest and most obvious things that push their way to the surface.
In most cases, the easier to handle shadows are merely a subconscious way to hide those deepest in the dark. In essence, you have a lot of work to do and it is a struggle to keep yourself from being pulled into the abyss of ‘nothing can change’ or ‘I just don’t know what the problem is, I must be broken’. Nothing that is broken is beyond repair, even if it is that you must find a new purpose for the broken pieces.
Everything has a purpose in this life, dark and light, and we must make room to respect and cherish both sides equally. One cannot be ignored or pushed aside if we desire to be in balance. Know that you are not alone as we all have our own shadows to come to terms with, and some may be more difficult than your own. Trust in yourself and do not judge, caress your inner child and let him/her know that it’s okay to turn the light on in the closet, the monsters are not quite as nasty as they seem.
The baggage weighs heavy on those that continue to pack away their shadows and never address them; heavy shoulders and heavy heart. Do not allow yourself the ease of pretending those things don’t exist because some day, in some way, you will have to address it and it may not be quite as easy or pleasant to look at then. Know that the best thing you can do is to slowly begin to unpack that baggage and know that those who hurt you in the past cannot continue to do so in the present unless you allow it to eat at you. It is a choice, it always has been and will be.
Forgive yourself and forgive all others, knowing that we all need to be healed but some are in need more than others. Let the resentment, fear and hatred that fills your heart be replaced with respect, strength and love. It is not an easy path that you chose, but it is your path, none the less. Pick yourself up and light your own way, you can’t expect anyone else to do it for you.
A butterfly cannot live up to its potential if it is kept away from the spring meadow with its nectar sweet flowers. 
Do not restrict yourself so badly that you never get to experience the meadow.
Love yourself enough to learn what you need to flourish with excitement and joy in your life. 
Spread your uniquely astonishing and beautiful little wings and fly with exquisite wonder and grace.
Peace and love to all.

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