Love and Compassion: Higher Purpose

We all have our own truths to discover in whatever way is necessary for our higher selves.

One thing to keep in mind is that no answer is ever truly wrong, just different than what you hold to be true.

        Ever heard the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?  🙂

There is a level of wisdom in being able to take a step back and say, ‘hmm..I never saw it that way’.


Judgement is a human vice and it is one of the biggest hurdles we have placed in front of ourselves within this life, next to greed and hatred.

Don’t judge anyone because they always seem to be carrying negativity.  They are either a mirror image of something you don’t like within yourself or are learning their lessons at a different pace than you.

Do what you can to uplift and guide this person but not at the expense of your own happiness.

Sometimes people cannot be helped because they must learn to help themselves and you must learn to see this in situations.

We are responsible to love in this life, not to judge.


Only once you have fully embraced love in all aspects can you begin to truly understand this life.  

Your heart is essential.  Let it grow, and it will provide warmth for the entire world.


No one can ever tell you how to feel or think, these things are both entirely in your control.

Not a soul on this Earth can force you to be angry or sad, you have chosen to react in those ways.

Instead of examining all of the negative possibilities when a situation arises, why not instead try to examine all the possible positive outcomes.

We must control those sorts of reactions and remain centered in love.

Manifest your own happiness.

You are the only one who will be held responsible for the outcome of your lives in the end.

There is a lesson in every interaction we have on this planet, whether it be that we learn to accept another’s beliefs as their own, or to learn a new concept for ourselves…all truly boiling down to you learning who you are as a person and as a spirit.

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