Alligator Medicine | Boundaries & Honor

Just as an alligator fiercely defends it’s territory, you must defend your boundaries and honor.  This does not mean that you should be hurtful or aggressive, it merely means that you should keep a keen eye on the situations as they arise and act swiftly with purpose and defense.  Make your point clear but keep your thoughts and words flowing with the energy of love and not hate. Some people will not budge even after you’ve made your boundaries clear; you cannot change the way a person thinks or feels and at that point, you should just walk away from it peacefully, accepting that the person clearly doesn’t resonate with you.  Learn to choose your battles.  Keep calm, clear and centered at all times.  This will keep you from saying or doing things that cannot be taken back.  Sometimes you will bump into a log or be caught up in foliage, but remain calm and centered and it will eventually pass, as all things do.

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