2016: The Year of Pure Poetry

It’s that time of year again…everyone’s looking for some new goal to set for the start of a brand new year. For the most part, I believe that if it wasn’t important enough for me to focus on in the past year, there’s no reason that the moment the clock strikes midnight on December 31st my goal is magically going to mean more.
With that said, this year I did begin to examine the possibility of making a change or two for 2016, with the loving push of two beautiful soul sisters.

I woke up very early yesterday morning for a beach walk with two of my closest friends and mentors. The sun was casting a radiant golden beam of shimmering light across the water as we maneuvered through the mine field of little blue blobs of man o’ war.

Each of us stopped here and there to pick up a sea shell or stone as we discussed different topics. We discovered a rather amazing treasure trove, a wondrous assortment of different shells with varying shapes, sizes and colors. We each began searching for those special pieces that called to us uniquely.  As each of us inquisitively combed the beach, sifting through shells and sand, one of the women posed the question, ‘so, what are you letting go of / not carrying with you into the new year?’.

My immediate answer was ‘false beliefs’ but I quickly recognized how insurmountable a task that would be so I corrected myself to ‘letting go of the false belief that I’m not good enough, that I can’t make good decisions for myself’.  We spiraled ever further into the vortex of this discussion, digging deeper until the question was reposed as ‘what would you like to do differently in the new year?’  After a moment of internal reflection, I came to my conclusion: “2016 is going to be a year of pure poetry for me”.

So what does this mean, a year of pure poetry, and how is that even possible?  First and foremost, I envision myself writing with more fluidity and creativity than ever before.  However, in true poetic spirit, the statement has different layers and meanings depending on your perspective.  Every single verse, every word, invokes some thought or emotion deep within the core of your being.  That is why poetry is an art-form in itself.  None of what is invoked is either good or bad, not until we attach the labels to it anyway.  This is because our mind provokes us to label everything we see based on past experiences and pains.  Poetry allows the writer to examine the deepest recesses of their mind, their darkest moments as well as their most joyous memories, in such a way that brings light and beauty into every corner.

In essence, my goal for 2016 will be to strive every day to uncover the poetic jewels hidden within each moment of my life without attaching unnecessary labels.  This coming year, I will look at my life as a wonderful poem being written with every thought, every word, every footstep, and every interaction.

I will remember that there are lessons in every single word scribbled down into the leather-bound notebook of my heart and soul.  I will keep my heart open and remember that I am constantly surrounded by inspiration, if only I allow the ink pen of my life experiences to gently scroll across the pages, unbiased and untethered.

Change is being whispered upon the wind; a change of perspective and of heart.  I can’t wait to unfurl my sail and begin a brand new journey across undiscovered seas!

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