Chaos Serene – Examining our Mental Vortex

How does one examine the swirling inner vortex of their own mind?  How do you pin a false belief down in this enormous sea of thoughts and feelings?

The answer is that you must never pin anything down.  That, in itself, is the worst false belief existing within our society today.  To pin something down, you take away it’s universal gift of freedom.

You must sit quietly with them. Tell them your fears, examine your thoughts (with detachment), and allow them to reveal their truth to you as you become more equipped mentally and emotionally to handle it. We sometimes find ourselves with this extreme desire to angrily track each feeling down, hold it against the wall, and demand it spill it’s secrets so that we may heal. It will never work that way and only cause extra frustration and blockage. The angrier you are, the less you are able to be open to the love and healing that is held within your truth. Calm your heart. Sit and be with who you are now. Love everything about how you are right now, no judgement or labels.

This is the part where I quote my favorite human being of all time, Bruce Lee to give you another example of what I meant above:

“Don’t make a plan of fighting, that is a very good way to lose your teeth. If you try to remember, you will lose. Empty your mind. Be formless. Shapeless. Like water. Now, you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. Put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or creep or drip or CRASH. Be water my friend.” –

How could you expect your mind to bestow you with emotional and spiritual truths when you’re already weighed down so heavily by rage, resentment, or fear? Your mind will quite naturally go into a protective defense state, preventing you from forcing the unknown upon yourself.

The key is to change your perspective when you begin focusing on your healing process. Don’t go into a meditation with the intention of tracking some previous memory down so that you may heal some part of yourself. Go into your meditation as water. Just flow, allow things to float by you as they are meant to.

Everything happens for a reason and in it’s own divine timing. Remember that you are loved and supported at all times by those around you, both seen and unseen.

Here’s a little poem I wrote, inspired by this subject. 🙂

– Chaos Serene –
Intellectual mind,
temporarily blind.
Smothered intuition,
dreams with no fruition.
Truth and justice smothered,
lies waiting to be uncovered.
Love trumps hate,
we must avoid the bait.
Love. Peace. Joy. Compassion.
Find your inner guru,
and all will pass thru you.

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