Spider Medicine: Weaving Webs

What is it that makes us human?  What would a natural human being, left to his/her own learning processes and habits with no societal influences, truly be like.  A human not taught from a young age that one must ‘act their age’, ‘fit in’ and ‘earn money’.  Allowed to completely connect and embody their senses, their innate abilities and gifts, never tied down or shown that certain creatures are “beneath them”. What an amazing planet that would be; a world of compassion, consideration and magic. Allowing ourselves to remember that it is our imagination that molds our lives…the exact thing that is repressed in our young lives is the exact thing that will save us from ourselves. Taught to doubt and repress our abilities. Believing the world to be cold and cruel, that others are only ever out to harm and trample you.

Such a place of deep sadness and fear. If only we could see how beautiful things really are when you just allow them to be as they are.  All things are this way. Everything should be allowed to be as it is…plants, dirt, rocks, insects, large, small, living, breathing, inanimate. My favorite phrase in the world has been ‘it is what it is’ because that’s exactly how things are. Nothing makes your heart more joyous than spending time connecting with others, connecting with nature, and just purely being connected.

Once you begin to peel away and heal the old layers, the being you reveal will shine so brightly you won’t be able to help but see the beautiful star you are. You are a piece of all that is, a sliver of this multi-dimensional universe, a being so strong and powerful there could never be an urge to flaunt it. You are one with all around you. You are love. You are peace. You are strength. You are beauty. You are so complex and divine that there are truly no words to fully portray the wonderful portrait of your glowing soul.

Step into yourself and allow your soul to whisper in your ear. Such moving and unique stories it has to share with you. I have personally witnessed in my own life what power there is in acknowledging yourself, your deep dark secrets and locked away emotions. Sometimes you have to allow yourself the space to break down and fall apart so that you can see the big picture. Only then can you begin to piece your soul’s puzzle back together in a more beneficial pattern. Always remember that sometimes the portrait you create now will need to be broken back down and rearranged later…that is the bittersweet magic of the paths we walk at this time. Recognizing and moving through these moments becomes a little easier each time. You are never alone in your darkness. There is always love and support surrounding you. Know that you truly do heal the world around you as you begin to heal yourself.

So for now, I leave you with this: what sort of web have you weaved for yourself up to now? Bring your awareness to the thoughts, emotions, and energy that you have swirling around you at this moment. Are there parts that you must pull away to rebuild, parts that require more structural support or are no longer necessary? Be as the spider; she is a mindful master of her own universe.  Swift and meticulous while also keenly aware and cautious of where she constructs her web, how each line of silk is laid out and interconnected, as well as what she allows in her space of sanctuary.

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