Joyful Remembering

Inspiration, messages and guidance from Lemuria and beyond.  This blog is a small step in a much greater mission that is quite honestly yet to be fully envisioned and developed.  On the other hand, however, it’s also a huge step onto a path toward remembering and honoring my Lemurian ancestors, the joy that they embodied, and their loving wisdom.

Stay tuned for oracle cards, channeled messages, a bit of introspective writing as well as fun philosophical investigations into human nature (as related to higher consciousness), poetry musings and even a stray rune reading now and then.  I truly believe that deep healing occurs when we take a compassionate and introspective look at the messages our oracles offer to us daily, if only we would take the time.

These oracles and messages come in so many varying shapes and sizes, they ask only that we expand our consciousness…open our hearts…be vulnerable…so that we may know and experience true healing.  I intend to regularly pull an oracle card (or two) for the day mainly from each of the following oracle card decks:

  • Angels of Atlantis” by Stewart Pearce (author) & Richard Crookes (artist)
  • Oracle of the Mermaids” by Lucy Cavendish

I’ll give a brief overview of the messages written by the authors as well as my own take on what these messages could mean from many different perspectives.  Each post will be accompanied by a photograph (I’m also a photographer) of the card’s magnificent artwork so that all can more deeply connect with the energy and meaning.

I welcome with open arms all who resonate with the beauteous, magical energy of the dolphins and our Lemurian ancestors.  I ask only that you keep an open heart…be centered in the frequency of joy, love and oneness.

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