Mermaid’s Magical Mirror

This morning I asked for the mermaid’s advice on a personal crisis that I’ve been experiencing (from Oracle of the Mermaids – Lucy Cavendish).  These three lovely beauties hopped right out from the deck the moment I focused on my question – ‘how can I best handle this situation?’.

On the surface, the cards are whispering a gentle message that I have a support system, that I must allow them to show me the universal mirror, and that I am embarking on a powerful spiritual journey that will lead to many new opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

So, here’s a deeper look at each of the cards, their messages and a bit of my own input…


~ 1 ~

“GUIDE: A guide, mentor, a trustworthy ally.”

Lucy Cavendish‘s Guidebook states that the best guides are those who create strength within and that I will continue to test the waters with many guides, throughout my life, that may or may not resonate with me.

It may also mean a new guide will be arriving soon to help heal and protect; they will be completely and unconditionally loving as well as understanding, helping me to adapt and evolve on this journey.

I’m instructed to keep an open ear and an open mind, but to also be discerning and mindful of how quickly I trust a new guide, to pay close attention to their energy and how I feel.  After a while of testing the waters, they will reveal their true intentions and a wonderful new partnership on my spiritual path will unfold.


~ 2 ~

“THE MIRRORKnow thyself, self-examination, seeing who you really are.”

This card provided a beautiful and profound lesson that really stuck with me:

  • “Water is a great mirror, and the darker it is, the clearer the reflections of the world around it will be. And so it is with life.  The clear mirror we can look into will show us who we appear to be…but the dark mirror, metaphorically, is when life, or the sea, or our feelings become darker, more complex…”

We are reminded again that “…sometimes, we do not always like the truth of what we see in this dark mirror.”

This card can also indicate that I mustn’t hold on to negativity about who I think I am or be so afraid of what I will see when I take that deep gaze within.  This is a beautiful process, a way to truly love ourselves unconditionally.  It is a great sign of strength to be willing to look into the mermaid’s magical mirror so that “we may see what is hidden to the eye of the body, but known to the eyes of the soul…”


~ 3 ~

“IMRAMMA: Wonder voyage, crossing deep waters, pilgrimage, journey of the soul.”

‘Imramma’ is an old word used by the Irish to describe a hero’s sea journey to the ‘Otherworld’ (like Odysseus) and it’s been said that the seashore is actually the border between our world and the God’s.

In essence, the term ‘Imramma’ describes the soul’s journey, an undertaking only attempted by those who truly wish to fulfill their destiny and experience adventures beyond their wildest dreams.  It is an initiation of sorts, for our souls to evolve and expand.

  • “…There will soon be a great voyage for you, where you travel over water to come to a place that your soul has longed to journey to…”
  • “…The Imramma or the pilgrimage over water is one that is watched over by the mermaids – and one that we all must make during our lifetimes…”

The mermaids seemed to be warning that I am not properly addressing my emotions and am disconnecting myself from them as an avoidance tactic.

They are urging me to stop the division between my head and my heart, urging that this will be a crucial aspect of my Imramma.  With their loving assistance, I will be guided and supported on my soul’s journey.

    • “You have long divided yourself into your parts: your emotions you keep so separate from your head. On Imramma, the lines you have so cleanly divided all into will blur.  But all the while we will sing you onwards, calling you forth, so you can continue to follow the journey of the soul…” 

This one actually hit the nail right on the head for me.  Growing up, I learned that expressing my emotions generally only led to more hurt and distress.  For a long time I refused to acknowledge my “lesser” feelings because I saw them as a sign of weakness.  In these past few years, as I began my awakening, I slowly but surely worked towards rediscovering myself, my feelings, and my soul.  This is no small task and I am no way close to considering the process “complete”.

The past few weeks alone have been extremely intense and tumultuous.  Truly the biggest crashing wave of emotions and chaos that I have ever experienced in my life up to now.  It was not in any way easy to find what underlying emotions were causing this situation, my thoughts and feelings.  To stay calm, centered and non-reactive so that I could continue to flow and prosper.

I also pulled a Goddess oracle card and received ‘Medusa’.  The story is that Medusa was a priestess of a temple who had taken a vow  when she had relations with Poseidon and broke her sacred vow of celibacy.  This angered Athena into turning her into the ‘monster’ we’ve perceived her to be for so long.  One look within her eyes would freeze a man and turn him to stone.  As the story goes, when she was killed, Pegasus rose from her blood.

The message that Medusa shares today is that we should never allow the fear of what we might see in the mirror cause us to freeze and turn to stone.  So much synchronicity, that both the Mermaids and Medusa shared the message of fearlessly facing into the mirror, to openly consider our emotional baggage, to see our gifts just as clearly as we would see our flaws.

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