Archangel Sandalphon & The Selkie

The question posed to the ‘Oracle of the Mermaids’ and ‘Angels of Atlantis’ today was about a strong feeling of ‘lack’ in the area of emotional support.  Above are the cards that wanted to share their beautiful messages on this subject today.

“Sandalphon: Planetary Cycles

Message from the Guidebook

by Stewart Pearce & Richard Crookes
  • “…Many changes have been prophesied, and many changes are now occurring.  This card invites you to look to your own natural cycles, and see that you are an organic being, living on an organic planet…”
  • “…ask what aspect of your authentic self you are allowing to emerge at this time.  Sandalphon is asking you to reveal how awe-inspiring you are, letting your true self come forth.  Chant ‘Haw’ to stabilize the Earth element within you.”

“Soul Love by Archangel Sandalphon through Phoenix”

The video below from YouTube is a very quick and beautiful way to sit in the energy of Sandalphon, with divine love and music.

“The Selkie & Her SkinReclaiming your authenticity

Message from the Guidebook

by Lucy Cavendish
  • “…the tale of the Selkie is that of a creature who has been captured, who has had their deep wildness tamed, who has in some ways fallen into an amnesiac state simply in order to deal with the loss.  It seems that if you remember all that has been taken from you, your heart could break, and your will could die.”
  • “The Selkie’s is the story for all of us who have forgotten our strength, our freedom, our right to choose again and again our delight in life.”

“The Maiden and the Selkie”

Dive Deep into the Waves of Emotional Authenticity

“Your spiritual progression is not about becoming happy 24 hours a day.  It’s becoming willing to feel.  So, it’s not that we feel better, it’s that we start to be willing to FEEL MORE.  So, we get better at feeling, rather than feel better…” ~ Teal Swan ~


The Combined Message?

I sense that both mighty Sandalphon and the mystical Selkie came together to answer the I question posed in such a divine dance of love, support, wisdom and guidance.

Sandalphon urges us to dig deep into our feelings and emotions, to honor them and to stand in integrity…to be entirely open with ourselves, reminding us that we will never truly heal the deepest wounds we have if we are afraid of what feelings are lying in wait.  We must examine ourselves and take the necessary steps to get back into alignment with our feelings, with who we truly are…who we wish to be at our core.

It’s time to take the mask down…to be honest with yourself and honor what you are feeling, even if the triggers are from old wounds…the only way you’ll begin to find these things and heal them is by opening yourself up.

The Selkie brought the message that we cannot continue to block out the old issues and wounds because we are afraid that feeling those things will cause us to break or collapse.  She reminds us that we are much stronger than we could ever imagine and urges us to also dig deep within.

Both Sandalphon and the Selkie ask us to remember who we are, that the ’emotional support’ we seek can only radiate from within… to remember that we are connected with this planet in such a beautiful and organic way, that we are just as strong as the Earth and Sun themselves, if only we remain willing to stand in that power…to stand tall in integrity and true authenticity…to bathe in the light of divine love as we allow ourselves to live and be free.

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