The Open Door

palmbeach1 Photo Credit: A Hawks Eye View

…Open Mind…Open Heart…

Each one of us has our own secret space somewhere deep in the recesses of our inner minds.  We try for most of our lives to block off that part of ourselves because the mere thought of looking at the things within that dark, unknown space is terrifying.

The door to it is always open, it’s our choice to step through it and explore rather than turning our backs and cowering.

I fully believe that the entire point of our existence is to facilitate healing, growth and evolution…for ourselves…mentally – emotionally – physically – & – spiritually.  When we do the work for ourselves, it automatically travels within the collective consciousness…not just helping others individually but even the Earth herself.

We are light beings…we are all connected…whether we realize it or not, we all feel what the collective feels…when one aspect or perspective shifts, so does the whole.  When I think of all this, I remember a small German phrase that I repeated to myself when I was a teenager: ‘wir atmen wie ein’ which translates to ‘we breath as one’.

We have a duty to honor our hearts – to act with integrity and virtue…to uplift one another…to spread compassion and peace…  The longer we allow our fears to rule us, the longer we will stay stuck in the negative whirlwind this planet is currently plagued by.

For too long, our backs have been turned to that open door in the darkness.  For too long, we’ve been stumbling around this planet, hopelessly lost and feeling victimized.  Now is the time to stop glancing over your shoulders and boldly face the open door head on.  Step into your power, remember who you truly are…heart and soul…  Love is the answer to this hateful plague…Divine Love…  Love in it’s purest and most innocent form.

And so I will state again…face the open door…within the darkness you so dread and fear is your sweet little inner child…lonely…frightened…in desperate need of love to heal those old emotional traumas.  Be brave for the sake of that beautiful soul of yours…by reassuring your inner child, you simultaneously reassure yourself (at your core).

The light and love within your heart will radiate around you, illuminating your path as you step through that open door.  The more you heal and center yourself, the more that light will expand until you are a brilliant beacon of shimmering golden rays… Lighting your way through the darkest of shadows…the most bleak of nights… An inspiration to all who witness you.

Trust yourself…know that you have more inner strength than you could ever imagine…know that you have unseen allies who are constantly working to guide and support you.

Trust that your connection to the Universe is expansive and unlimited.

…we are one…

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