Aimless Wanderer

What are we if not aimless wandering creatures..?


Constantly searching for the ‘answers’ to questions we don’t even fully grasp the concepts to yet…

What are you deeply passionate about?
What makes your heart sing like a sweet little canary?
What life would you truly love to wake up to every single morning?
What would make you feel less ‘aimless’?

I honestly believe that we all have a unique purpose to fulfill on this planet but it would be entirely too presumptuous of me to even begin to categorize them at all.

A person’s purpose is their own…that’s why we all wander so aimlessly…there’s no possible way we could ask someone for directions to a place we haven’t even begun to think of yet.

To me, what is most beautiful about this infinite Universe, is exactly the fact that things can, at times, be a bit aimless.  That’s where all the adventures happen!

How could we ever experience anything new if we constantly stayed in our patterns of actions each day…no change at all, always doing the exact same things in the same exact places…day in, day out..?  How dull and dreary…  Life was designed to throw a curve-ball at us every now and then, in order to trigger us to evolve and grow as humans.

So of course, at times, we can become a bit lost in our own personal typhoon of stress, emotion and strife.  It is within that very moment when we feel we have no where else to go…not one single option left to save us from our terrifying peril…that we become aimless and confused.

If we’re lucky, it’s only a moment before clarity strikes us like a bolt of lightning sent by Zeus himself.

Unfortunately, there are other times where we can’t get out of it so easily…cursed to wander around aimlessly for weeks…months…or years…like a tumbleweed in an especially dusty breeze.

I feel like we often get ourselves stuck in being the “aimless wanderer” because we are too afraid and resistant of facing our new path head-on…to come to grips with the reality of where we should be headed next.

To tell the truth, I’m still an “aimless wanderer” right now, but I’m not entirely ‘aimless’ anymore… The first step is becoming aware that we have gotten to a point in our lives where we’ve become aimless…then comes learning to face our inner demons and pent up emotions while simultaneously learning about what makes us happy.

Once you discover your happiness…your true purpose…relentlessly chase that dream down.  Never let anyone (even yourself!) tell you that something isn’t possible…everyone’s opinion of your actions and situations are based on their own experiences, perspectives and realities.

Follow your heart, it will lead you straight to your soul.

Written by:

❤ Emily Shultz ❤

Inspired by the Daily Prompt

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