Magic Clouds


In my eyes, the sky has been a wondrously magical mirror since the day I was born.


It’s my most favorite place to look for messages…staring up at the sky, feeling the warm breeze over my face and through my hair, watching the clouds, the stars, the birds… and just ‘Being’.

A place for the Universe to pass notes to our hearts in the giant classroom of life, if only we are willing to take a time out now and then to tune ourselves in.

Divine little notes that carry the messages our hearts are longing to hear and feel…but our minds so desperately want to keep away from us…fearful of the potential for pain.

The key is to listen with your heart and soul, not with your mind or ears.

The sky has been a such great source of introspective inspiration over the years…it has a truly primal magic and energy about it.  Never limited to those stereotypical, ‘happy-go-lucky’, fluffy white clouds.

I can always ask a question silently, almost willing the answer to appear, and the clouds will begin to morph and shape themselves into the answer I need.

I’ve also found that the shadowy mysteries hidden deep within the dark, ominous storm clouds can hold the most profound and crucial messages of all.

In my experience, the  weather seems to completely mirror the state of my mind, my energetic field.

Anger and depression seem to call forth the stormy rain clouds and high intensity lightning.  This strangely always brings a comforting peace to my soul… a reminder from the Universe that we are capable of standing tall and strong through the worst storms, while still maintaining our inner peace.

It takes consistent conscious effort to maintain that level of stillness and zen..

I remember one specific point in my life where I begged and pleaded with the Universe to help me understand where I was headed…there I was, knelt down in the grass in the middle of an emptying park…sunset warm on my eyelids as I sobbed uncontrollably.

When I finally looked up and beyond my tears, the clouds had formed into the shape of a camel… A desert creature who wisely prepares itself for the unknown future, sent to remind me gently that I can indeed trust my own intuition to succeed.

I thought, “well gee, thanks Universe…that’s a bit of a ‘cop out’ but okay…”  Instead of learning the lesson that the Universe, and the clouds, provided to me, I continued following the same path with the same patterns of behavior.

The message was supposed to incite wisdom and push me to pick myself up. When the Universe finally stepped in to “fix” things, trust me when I say it wasn’t very pretty.

We are constantly being presented with situations that are intended to remind us of our abilities within.

If changes have to occur on your behalf because you stuck your head in the desert sand and refused to acknowledge or take action, it’s not going to be easy to get through and likely very painful.

As we progress,  and especially if we are resistant, the lessons become more intense…

No one ever said our paths would be paved with complete ease and comfort.  Sometimes we need a little hard truth…a little wake up slap from the Universe.

I honestly believe it’s important for us to utilize every tool we have available in order to look for the road signs that appear along our paths. It’s a great honor to me, knowing that I have methods available to me that our ancestors have passed down for so many generations.

I am so very thankful to be a part of a generation / timeline where these methods are coming to the forefront to be honored and integrated once again.

I respect those around me so much for walking each step of their path fully with the kind of integrity and strength that no words or ‘action movie’ could ever fully embody.

To be so aware of yourself, your thoughts and feelings, as well as those of the people around you while simultaneously trying to pull yourself through some rough and stormy weather…

That takes some serious dedication, honesty, and genuine vulnerability.

Word Prompt: DesertStorm & Clouds

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