Breath Deeply & Reconnect


It would seem that everyone is experiencing a large amount of turbulence in their lives these days.  As each day passes, something adds to the drama and stress of the day to day.

I’ve been feeling the weight of the barrage of seemingly negative occurrences as well.  Recently it would seem the paths are all posted with signs saying, “whatever can go wrong…will”.  I definitely wallowed in the negativity for awhile, because let’s face it, that’s the easiest choice there is.

Being awake, however, means working every single day to be aware of my thoughts and patterns…  To remember that I’m on this Earth to learn from my experiences, not to hide away in the shadows, sobbing quietly.

I try to remind myself regularly that, though the negative vortex is so easy to fall back into, it’s far more rewarding to push myself past it…to transcend it through focused intent and a wonderfully supportive group of soul sisters/brothers.


With that as my introspective thought while flipping through the mermaid cards, the message they provided told me that now, more than ever, is the time to reconnect with ourselves.

To breath deep the radiant energy available to us all at anytime, if only we would take a moment to focus.




In that moment, truly focus your attention on how revitalized your body is becoming with the divine exchange of life-bringing energies.

Through this focused breath, we not only reconnect with ourselves, but we reconnect with the pure healing energy of Source / Creation / Earth herself.

By doing so, we keep ourselves grounded and centered, become more stable mentally and emotionally, and we are better able to handle what life sends our way.


Daily Prompt: Connected

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