Stubborn Warrior Goddess

You never want the news that someone within your cherished inner circle has something so ominous as cancer… It’s the hardest news there is.

Powerless to provide this person so near and dear to you with a solution or relief.  You want so badly to just wave a hand and miraculously cure them.  No words, none of your actions, quite express how much support you hold for them in your heart…

Your heart sings with the vibrations…every beat and thump creates a marvelous symphony of love, light and serenity.

This is the part of your divine self that understands… even if you don’t know how to express it with words, your thoughts are always understood within your own perspective / mind.  Because your thoughts create your reality, you’re able to express your truest intentions and best wishes without the slightest verbal or visual cues…

It is a vibration that you create so that the energy radiates from your heart center, based on your thoughts, feelings and intentions.  That is what allows your support and love to be felt by others without physical action.

My dear soul sister, Christina, is now recovering from a major surgery for breast cancer…my heart aches for the stress and pain she has already endured as well as what’s to come.

From the beginning, this tough, stubborn lady stood tall, head high…facing the dark demon head on was the only option worth considering.  She refused to allow cancer to win this battle…stubborn for all the right reasons…

A fiercely dedicated momma, wife and warrior goddess, all wrapped into one beautiful soul.  She takes no pity and her mere presence commands great honor and respect.

I’ve truly been inspired by this amazing woman…she has shown me everything it means to be a fearless warrior with both gentle grace and untamed humor.

I witnessed the divine reflection of our Mother Gaia through her strength and perseverance…remembering that even the Earth is sometimes shaken from her core…but it never makes her any less stable (strong) or everlastingly beautiful…its just another part of the cycle…


It is an honor and a divine blessing to have someone so special and wondrous in my soul family.

Christina’s entire soul family has been working very hard to help with the ever-increasing hospital costs… if you or anyone you know may be able to assist in any way, it is truly all so very greatly appreciated.

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Daily Prompt: Stubborn

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