Awake and Confused


Sweet ones, you fear so much the feminine, divine or otherwise…

You fear that embracing the feminine side of yourself will inevitably make you weak…vulnerable and open to attacks.

What if is is exactly what you need right now?  What if embracing your feminine side IS how you step fully into your power?

What if it is your aversion to that beautiful womanly side of yourself that creates the disconnect you feel with your soul…the hidden key to embodying your power fully?


Unfortunately, history doesn’t paint a picture of strong women because men fear what they can’t understand.

To be a woman is to hold the power of creating and nurturing life…

It is also the seat of wisdom, compassion and magic.


Don’t limit your feminine energy because of what you believe you need to be in order to fit into society.

You didn’t come here to fit in.

You didn’t come here to play small.

You came here to love, create, inspire, dance, laugh and spread joy.

You came to set a new standard in society…

To break the old patterns and pave the way for love and light.


At times this existence of ours can be very confusing…being awake in a sea of souls that are still very much asleep isn’t easy by any means but it’s what we chose to do.

To be the peaceful ambassadors and compassionate guides for those souls who are beginning to rub the sleep from their eyes, like children who have been asleep in the back of the car for hours on end.

Remember to embrace your soul fully…in all of it’s shimmering glory.


Daily Prompt: Confused


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