Sacred Flame of Creation

She is the Sacred Flame of Creation,

Her Body, the Temple.

She is the Magnificent Mountain,

steadfast and strong.

She spreads her wings to the Winds of Change,

soaring ever higher.

She is the Vessel of Holy Water,

her tears, the nourishing rain.

She stands alone and unafraid,

her Inner Knowing embodied.

Radiant Golden Light flows from her Higher Heart,

surrounding all she touches with Warmth, Comfort and Love.

She is a modern-day Energetic Warrior,

the Huntress of Evil and hatred.

Her mere presence invokes the Compassionate Will of Divinity itself.


How do you define yourself as a person of the human condition?

What is the truth behind who you really are, where you came from, where your path has led you so far?

What scars have you acquired along the way that molded your thoughts and opinions of the now?

Have you pushed others away due to your irrational fears of abandonment or to protect yourself from pain?

Would it really be so bad to let someone in once and awhile?  So, maybe you will get hurt, but maybe you’ll also have another once in a cycle experience that will forever mold you into a different human entirely.

Let go of judgment on yourself.  Your strength and perseverance have gotten you this far in these life times and will continue to do so whether you realize it now or in the next contract.

Live, laugh, breath, run, swim, talk…experience!  Just be you…entirely you...JUST BE…and let the rest fall into place exactly when and where it should.

Try to relax sweet one, have faith that you are protected and loved endlessly.

It all comes back to these labels you all seem to hold so dearly.  If you held each other as much as you hold these jaded judgments and thoughts, the world would have already known True Peace.  This is not to scold, only to give perspective on where the negative labeling and judgment leads.

No good will come until we learn to love ourselves and begin to pour that into the melting pot of the core of all things.

written By: Emily Shultz

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