Silence Within a Thunderstorm

I’m going to be straight forward… These last few months have been mentally, barn-1364280_1280emotionally, physically and spiritually challenging on so many levels.  The moment I felt I could catch my breath, I was thrown right back into some other tumultuous life lesson.  To say the least, my energy is very low, I feel very drained…but not in a bad way.  I am eternally grateful for the lessons I learned, and the growth that these whirlwinds of energy cleared a path for.  Now is just the time for a brief rest and some introspective reflection on my path so far.

That said, I’m writing this post to reflect on the cleansing affect that a rainstorm truly has for us, if we open our hearts and allow ourselves to receive it.

Today, after many moments of “am I angry or about to cry…”, a very large and vocal summer storm started rolling in.  At first the sky became a dark, smokey black and the trees began to bend with the wind.  A light sprinkle, an ominous rumble.  I smiled.  Every fiber of my being wanted to be outside in that rain.

Since I was very little, storms were calming to me…the cool breeze, the feeling of water showering down from the heavens… I believe it’s cleansing for the entire body, right down to the soul…  Divine little blessings of love, joy, peace, comfort, protection and light within each little droplet.  I imagine that their energetic blessings are immediately connected with my soul as each drop splashes onto the surface of my body.

I found myself sitting in the rain for at least twenty minutes today.  Feeling the heavens bless me with it’s cleansing energy…feeling the old feelings and negative energies being washed away, right where I stood.  I cried a little…I paced around…I sat contemplatively…I splashed through puddles…I was within those moments, completely present with myself and how I needed to process these energies – my silence within a thunderstorm.

 I am so eternally grateful for this connection with the storms and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to brave it themselves (do be careful of lightning though – always be cautious and safe)!

I will also be providing a meditation related to this same thing very soon – stay tuned!  🙂

Written By: Emily Shultz


Daily Prompt: Silence

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