The Year of Energetic Excellence | 2017

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Firstly…let me apologize to those who were left hanging on a branch, anxiously awaiting the next piece of wisdom or introspective discussion.  I’ve been working very hard these last few months on my own path of self-improvement (and certifications!).

I’m excited to finally say that I am a certified Usui Reiki Master but even more excited to announce that another Reiki certification is in the works (Crystal Reiki Master).  I’m working very hard to learn everything I can so that I can share my knowledge, wisdom, energy and joy with all of you.

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In the next year, there will be an online course available which will go through each of the Archangels that I’ve chosen especially for this purpose.  The course will teach you everything you need to know about each of these magnificent energetic beings as well as how you can begin the process of honoring and calling on them within your day to day lives.

Each video will be Reiki charged for a specific purpose, and I’ll explain that in more depth within the video as well.  There will be a focused meditation where you will receive the full extent of the Reiki healing energy as well as the healing energies of the Archangels.  This course should be life-changing and transformative for those that are ready to really dig in and connect.

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Because I’m working with the Archangels, I also feel the need to state that, though this would likely be “extra enjoyable” for those following a certain religion, this course is in no way at all geared towards any specific religion and will not be pushing any beliefs…

No religious over-tones here!

I intend to create a safe place for those that wish to experience powerful healing energies and aren’t closed to certain modalities based purely on religious beliefs.  All religions are respected and honored.  Energy is energy and has no ‘religious boundary’.

So….big things are coming in 2017 – hold onto your hats!!!

Feel free to email / contact me with any questions or comments.  I welcome everyone’s input and opinions, things you’d like to see added in the Archangel’s course/meditations or maybe your interested in a different sort of course…if so, let me know what it is!  I love encompassing new modalities and energies into my practices.

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Happy Yule!!!


Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

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