F*** Timmy the Tumor

Today my beautiful and strong warrior sister goes in to surgery to remove a brain tumor…
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“Dear Ones – I open to you. I come to you empty … ready to be filled with Love and Light and a little Luck. Ready to be magical. Ready to co-create miracles. Show me the steps, and I will take them.”  –  Michele McGrew | April 30th, 2017

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…so here I am, sitting at work, feeling like the worst friend in the world… I was reminded by an amazing friend that this isn’t the case at all, that we all do the very best we can at each and every moment with the energy reserves we have available to us.

Today I questioned what type of person allows their work and/or personal problems to get in the way of their friend in need, and f***ing brain surgery…

Though I am sending Reiki healing, both from myself and within my online Reiki community, Violet Flame, and angelic support, somehow still, my lack of physical presence during her time of need weighs so very heavily on my soul.

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But honestly, regardless of how I feel within this moment, today is not about me at all.

Today is about Michele’s healing journey.

Today is about making sure Timmy the Tumor vacates this world, promptly, with no residual affects.

Today I ask this Universe to move Heaven and Earth to facilitate the highest outcome with full and complete healing.

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Because I cannot imagine a world without this amazing woman.

I cannot imagine a world where my dearest roommate, soul sister, mentor and warrior goddess doesn’t exist.  I refuse to acknowledge that as a possibility.  Because it’s not.

Many a night this past week, I’ve spent shouting at the heavens thru streams of tears:


Because it’s not time yet.  And this Universe will have to accept that this amazing angel of light will have to stick around this Earth plane for a lot longer.

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I have never in my life struggled this hard putting into words what my heart, mind, soul and body want to express.  So many things bumbling around in my brain…  (Daily Prompt: Bumble)

So much to say about such an amazing person.  Feeling so helpless to the process, wanting to jump in with both feet to rescue her from this journey.  But that’s not what this is about either.  This is her journey.  I cannot “save her”…and I’m sure she’d resent it even if I did.  Because she’s a f***ing WARRIOR.  Warrior’s don’t need saved, they need fellow warriors to step up and stand as one unit.  And they also can save themselves.  I trust that this amazing woman knows exactly what her body needs to heal itself.  Timmy the Tumor is being plucked out today, never to return!  (Daily Prompt: Pluck)

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But I’m still scared.  Because this shit is scary.  And I love this woman with every fiber of my soul.  Every single day I’ve sent love, light and healing her way…trying my very best to keep my ridiculous fears contained and to myself.

Fear is not what is needed right now.

We fight those demons with love and light, though it doesn’t make the fight any easier, it does surround the process with beauty and grace.  We will bury the fear along with Timmy, and raise up the energies of this magical Earth to spread love and miracles, transmuting and transforming for the best possible outcome.  (Daily Prompt: Bury)

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I am eternally grateful to those who surround her today…

Those who can be present and support one another just as much as they are supporting her in this process.  I cannot fathom an outcome that doesn’t equal a full recovery with this much love, light and support from so many people across the country, hell, the world.

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If anyone can help at all with Michele’s upcoming financial burdens during this journey…Please…any little bit will help… Fight with Michele

As my own personal offering, and a gift to those who can and do help my mentor and sister, when you donate, comment with #LemurianLightOracle and share it to my Facebook page (Lemurian Light Oracle), and I will reach out to you about either a free color reading, or a distance Reiki healing (your choice).  My own way of showing gratitude for your compassion, kindness and assistance.

If anyone is out there that can send a little extra healing energy her way as well…please do…it is all so very greatly appreciated!

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Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

4 Comments on “F*** Timmy the Tumor

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  3. I too am sitting at work; surrounded by candles and sending healing energy her way. Some of us have to sit home and be a behind the scene strength and others are on the frontline. I am forever grateful to those who are both on the frontline and working behind the scenes to help Michele make a full recovery. Bright blessings to all.

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