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The other morning I was feeling a little ornery.  I had gone to bed without dinner the night before and crashed for about 12 hours.  I woke up super restless at about 4 AM, went back to bed for another hour of frustratingly flopping around…until finally I squeezed another hour of sleep in.

coffee-cup-2317201_1920When I was about to walk out the door that morning – coffee in hand – my roommate informs me that “this week is a good week to reach out to your congressmen / women about the new health care system”.  I try not to get sucked into the political drama…but I thought, if this is important to my roommate, it’s important for me to hear the situation out.  As you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly in the best head space to absorb this information – and I am also not a morning person on a regular day.

The reasons why I should reach out to these representatives didn’t sound any different from the crappy way things are currently set up to begin with, except that now the rich are getting more breaks and the poor are getting even more f***ed than before.



I immediately felt this dark cloud of negativity… of complete futility… floating just above

The kind that no matter how much side-stepping you do, it follows you… ever looming and pressing.

Eventually, the following thoughts came through about this entire situation:

“My voice doesn’t matter in this current system.  Not to say that my voice doesn’t matter, however, fighting the same fight against the same system over and over still hasn’t brought any actual progressive and positive changes (just a taste here and there to keep us complacent).  I don’t see why smashing my head against a political wall is going to help anyone except those running this current system, laughing at the futility of our efforts…  


My voice does matter… but they don’t want to hear it.  My soul brothers and sisters hear me without my even speaking a single word.  Actions and souls speak louder.


My soul reaches for other souls, not words or laws.  These laws can’t hold me down. 


These new rules and regulations can’t hold me down.


Because try as they might, they can never take my true freedom… you can burn my body, but my spirit will always rise from the ashes.”


I fully believe that as beings of light and love, we have the power to change the entire course of our future by working from within.  Not by stretching ourselves and our energies so thin or by getting so twisted and worked up about the symptoms that are popping up all over the place that we forget how to move within the shadows.  These are all results of our connected consciousness.  We each need to focus more on ourselves, our hearts, our souls, our head spaces…if we all did our part, these external symptoms would change.


That is the point of this Earth school…you have the power to change every single thing around you…if only you put in the work.


And I don’t mean calling a Senator each and every day (though if you feel you need to, go for it).  None of these people are acting from a level of consciousness that would be a conduit for REAL change.  They care whether or not they’ll get another vote from you when the time comes around so they can continue being complacent in their own jobs, accepting pay-offs and HUGE pay checks to sit back and watch the world burn around them.  I’m done buying into this nonsensical system.

The entire point of becoming awake, aware and conscious is realizing that every single thing in this reality is a reflection of something within.


Shift the internal sources and the results displaying externally will shift.  You have all of the power in the Universe to shift your own reality.  At this point, I would appreciate it if those that don’t feel this way would stop trying to pull me back into the negative cloud of drama that they are intentionally feeding everyone to keep them distracted, angry, sad, upset, stressed, tired and frustrated.


Though, I am also completely understanding and compassionate that people will continue to perpetuate this pattern until they are triggered enough to finally face their shadows and address the REAL issues.

I plan to continue focusing on working on my own issues and watching as the entire Universe shifts to accommodate.

I trust that the Universe has a Divine plan for all of this nonsense.  I trust that if I continue to do my part of the work, things will shift for the better.  I trust that eventually everyone else will begin to see this and do the same… but I also remain aware that this is a slow process and that it’s best not to hold expectations or create time lines.

That said, there is indeed an interesting balance that needs to be kept with remaining conscious and aware of the events unfolding around us while simultaneously being detached enough so as not to be pulled into the many whirlwinds of fear and hate.

Recognize your triggers, face your shadows, and love yourself free of your self-inflicted limitations.meditation-1384758_1280

Much Love & Light,
Emily Shultz

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