Compassion’s Truest Form

For me, compassion is being able to recognize the hurt in another, accepting that your reaction to their pain can either help them heal or create further pain, and consciously choosing the path of healing – instead of perpetuating the cycle of sadness and hurt.

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It’s often a bittersweet sort of funny when we are forced to face our worst fears.  You are challenged, in the blink of an eye – do you stand with integrity and accept where you may have made mistakes, or do you hide away and make excuses for why things went the way they did, how you’re the victim and it could never have been your fault?

I’ve grown so very tired over the years of trying to make excuses for every little thing.  It’s so much more freeing, and HONORABLE, to step up to your mistake.  “I’m sorry” doesn’t negate the source of pain inflicted…  This is something I try to remind myself every day.  You must act with integrity and kindness, be aware of how your actions and words ripple out to those around you.  “I’m sorry” doesn’t fix a broken glass, it doesn’t heal an open wound, and it doesn’t actually take any words back.  Speak with truth, not from a place of ego or hurt.

I truly believe that if we stopped building so many defensive walls around ourselves, our hearts, our world would be much much more peaceful and compassionate.  We’ve spent so many years as children being trained that it wasn’t safe to be vulnerable, that the moment you showed weakness, the lions would move in for the kill.  Maybe at some point in your life, like mine, that was a valid reaction and did indeed save you from a hungry pride of lions.  Eventually though, that mindset becomes outdated and stale.  The same patterns that once literally kept you alive, are really just causing untold amounts of toil and strife within your soul.

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Try to remember that you are never really alone until you decide that you are – you’ll begin unconsciously isolating yourself.

Convinced of these egotistical lies built around your isolation as well as the ease and perceived “comfort” of playing the victim.  I love me.  And there is nothing wrong with loving myself as long as it is from a place of self-respect and self-worth, not from a place of selfishness and attention seeking.

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Harm none. That’s the only real rule to love (not live) by.

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Imagine if you experienced something terrible, but when you went about your day, every person you ran into was kind, outgoing, polite, considerate and even loving…

Regardless of what they had experienced on their path so far.



If we were more conscious that the hundreds upon hundreds of souls surrounding us are all going through the same stressful, annoying, chaotic lessons and lives that we are, perhaps we WOULD be more understanding.

I’ve often found that reminding myself that the guy next to me might have just received terrible news about his home, or that the woman in the supermarket is grieving so deeply that she isn’t aware of her surroundings at all..

It is my honest belief that this is how we are supposed to act, as a species.  We were meant to support and uplift each other.

We were meant to be a part of a Global Tribe.

Both distance and time are irrelevant human constructs to help us cope with the day to day patterns.  Part of our never-ending need to label and categorize everything, so that there will be no “unknowns”.

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The only limitations we truly have on this Earth, are the ones we place on ourselves.  For example, I can connect with you the same way from Florida as I would from Greece (via energetic means).

You are an infinite being, a divine spark of Source / God.  You really believe you are limited so deeply?

If I really focus I can feel what another person is feeling just by thinking about it consciously but especially when I’m face to face with someone.  For me, it can be a bit overwhelming at times but it truly is both a blessing and a curse.  Because of it, I have a better understanding of what people are feeling even if they don’t quite know how to put it into words themselves yet.  When someone is lying or avoiding saying something to me, I might not know what or why, but I can sense something is amiss.  The “curse” comes in when this relates to the people close to you.  I myself have been in the process of learning to shield myself and prevent this connection from happening “unknowingly”, for me, part of the awakening process is learning which gifts you have, and how / when to use them appropriately.

This is just one of the multitude of Divine Source-given abilities available to us all on this Earth, if only we are willing to explore them.


As children, a lot of us were always told things like: “you’re being silly” ~ “you’re being too sensitive” ~ or ~ “you’re just seeing things / making things up”.  Now is the time to break away from those old statements that shut us down and made us feel useless, gift-less or unworthy of love.

Now is the time to spread your wings freely as these sweeping winds of change carry you, unshackled by false stories, into this new age of divine love and light.  Only compassion, understanding and peace can continue from this point on.

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All of these darker, heavier, more negative energies have been overruling this planet for eons.  It’s time for the light to begin to balance.


The negative will always be a factor, because this Universe has and always will be about balance.  But it’s also about balancing your own emotions and reactions; when you are triggered, your response is the key to your own healing.  If you respond with the old pattern of “react from a place of ego and hurt before you evaluate”, you will perpetuate the negativity.

Instead, try to take a moment – step away from the situation, evaluate how you could react in a compassionate way.  Look closely at WHY the situation even triggered such a powerful internal / emotional response in the first place.  In that moment, you are choosing to stand with integrity and honoring your own emotions while simultaneously honoring the person next to you.  Be grateful to them for triggering you – for being such a powerful reflection for you – for being the catalyst so that you could finally heal the old pattern.  These are often the ones you most need to heal, things you’ve buried and hidden so deeply beneath the surface of your conscious awareness that the only way for it to come to the light was by that interaction.

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That is what this Earth is about.

We walk around with soul agreements which basically state that I will interact with you in this way to intentionally trigger you, to provide you with an opportunity for healing and compassion.

You may fail.  Several times.

But the situation will continue to be triggered until you finally address it from a place of centered focus and love, instead of irritation / victim / anger / hate / fear.

Try to remember that a ‘failure’ is still just a lesson being learned – we all reach our breaking / rebuilding point at different stages.

Not one single human being on this planet is perfect.  We all try our hardest and do the best we can… We all deserve forgiveness and compassion, especially those struggling the most.

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My feelings and experiences are 100% valid, but to have personal integrity, I have to ask myself, what sort of person do I want to be?

How do I want to present myself to the world?


  • Cold and heartless, with no emotional attachment to those that should honestly be some of my closest allies?


  • Kind and compassionate, someone that anyone could come to for help in a time of need?  Approachable?

Do I want to be ruled by fear of future hurt by opening myself up to someone or do I want to be an example of true strength in stepping up to the potential for hurt with a warm heart, accepting whatever comes my way…?

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I think the true take away is actually two fold:
  • Learn to accept those around you just as they are, hold compassion for them in your heart, not resentment, anger or fear.  Regardless of what you think or feel someone should be doing or acting, they are still a human.  One with their own experiences developed over many years and many life times.


  • Your role isn’t to judge those around you dear ones.  Your role is to accept one another exactly as you are.  Acknowledge the beauty in others as you would like them to do for you.

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We truly are in this ride for the long haul, and here we are unconsciously making it harder for ourselves and others simply because we are clueless to the laws of attraction / the universe.

However, all is not lost because more are awakening to the truth of it all. More are hungry for knowledge and wisdom then ever before. More love flows from the hearts of those around us then we could ever have even conceived two or three years ago.


It truly is inspiring to see all of these wonderful souls grow and evolve together.

People lifting one another up instead of kicking them down.

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I know in recent days, it hasn’t seemed that this planet has become all that ‘enlightened’.  Quite the contrary though…  Remember, things usually get worse just before they take a turn for the better. The tests will always get harder the further you excel.

This is a moment for us to all look at each other and realize that no one really wins without our collective love and positive action.

Only we can help ourselves towards the loving and beautiful planet we all envision in our minds.  Purely by envisioning it collectively, we’ve set the ball in motion…the only piece that is missing is the ‘positive’ action.

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Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

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