About Me

I come bearing gifts of joy, healing, divine light and love.

My name is Emily, I’m the creator of Lemurian Light Oracle.

My mission is to be happy in the work that I do – working for myself and others, channeling my passion, sharing the intuitive messages I receive, and helping those around me to find the tools they need on their paths.

• Usui Reiki Master
• Atlantian Reiki Master
• Crystal Reiki Master
• Aromatherapy 1 Certification from author Margaret Anne Lembo (owner of the Crystal Garden and author).

I offer personalized essential oil and herbal incense blends, virtual oracle card readings, Reiki healing, and meditations, to start.

Everything I offer and do is charged with Reiki based on the intended purpose.

I look forward to working with you and providing insights that will assist you in your ever-evolving path to healing and wholeness.

Much Love & Light,

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