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Every single day that we wake up to the sun shining above our heads, birds fluttering outside of our windows, trees swaying in the breeze and clouds drifting through the endless sky is a precious gift. It is my goal to embody that very ideal each and every day that I wake up in this world. To care and honor myself in a way that allows me to facilitate better and more meaningful healing to those around me. We are not guaranteed immortality in these "meat suits" we call bodies. Each day should be treated as a special moment to be cherished, one that not everyone on this planet is being blessed with at the same time. At any moment, the life you once knew could shift and change. That's why being present and living in the now is so very very vital to our happiness and well-being. I am a certified Crystal Reiki Master, a certified Usui Reiki Master and I am currently studying Angel Altars & Meditations, though I have several other courses in varying subjects that I'll eventually be getting diplomas in as well. I am truly inspired and passionate about developing my wisdom, knowledge, skills and tools in a way that allows me to provide healing to anyone that comes to me, in the way that best suits their soul. Because though we are all One, we do not all respond to the same methods and teachings on our paths. In my mind, it's important to be able to have variation as well as the ability to adapt based on the needs of the person in front of you.

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