F*** Timmy the Tumor

Today my beautiful and strong warrior sister goes in to surgery to remove a brain tumor…
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“Dear Ones – I open to you. I come to you empty … ready to be filled with Love and Light and a little Luck. Ready to be magical. Ready to co-create miracles. Show me the steps, and I will take them.”  –  Michele McGrew | April 30th, 2017

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…so here I am, sitting at work, feeling like the worst friend in the world… I was reminded by an amazing friend that this isn’t the case at all, that we all do the very best we can at each and every moment with the energy reserves we have available to us.

Today I questioned what type of person allows their work and/or personal problems to get in the way of their friend in need, and f***ing brain surgery…

Though I am sending Reiki healing, both from myself and within my online Reiki community, Violet Flame, and angelic support, somehow still, my lack of physical presence during her time of need weighs so very heavily on my soul.

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But honestly, regardless of how I feel within this moment, today is not about me at all.

Today is about Michele’s healing journey.

Today is about making sure Timmy the Tumor vacates this world, promptly, with no residual affects.

Today I ask this Universe to move Heaven and Earth to facilitate the highest outcome with full and complete healing.

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Because I cannot imagine a world without this amazing woman.

I cannot imagine a world where my dearest roommate, soul sister, mentor and warrior goddess doesn’t exist.  I refuse to acknowledge that as a possibility.  Because it’s not.

Many a night this past week, I’ve spent shouting at the heavens thru streams of tears:


Because it’s not time yet.  And this Universe will have to accept that this amazing angel of light will have to stick around this Earth plane for a lot longer.

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I have never in my life struggled this hard putting into words what my heart, mind, soul and body want to express.  So many things bumbling around in my brain…  (Daily Prompt: Bumble)

So much to say about such an amazing person.  Feeling so helpless to the process, wanting to jump in with both feet to rescue her from this journey.  But that’s not what this is about either.  This is her journey.  I cannot “save her”…and I’m sure she’d resent it even if I did.  Because she’s a f***ing WARRIOR.  Warrior’s don’t need saved, they need fellow warriors to step up and stand as one unit.  And they also can save themselves.  I trust that this amazing woman knows exactly what her body needs to heal itself.  Timmy the Tumor is being plucked out today, never to return!  (Daily Prompt: Pluck)

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But I’m still scared.  Because this shit is scary.  And I love this woman with every fiber of my soul.  Every single day I’ve sent love, light and healing her way…trying my very best to keep my ridiculous fears contained and to myself.

Fear is not what is needed right now.

We fight those demons with love and light, though it doesn’t make the fight any easier, it does surround the process with beauty and grace.  We will bury the fear along with Timmy, and raise up the energies of this magical Earth to spread love and miracles, transmuting and transforming for the best possible outcome.  (Daily Prompt: Bury)

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I am eternally grateful to those who surround her today…

Those who can be present and support one another just as much as they are supporting her in this process.  I cannot fathom an outcome that doesn’t equal a full recovery with this much love, light and support from so many people across the country, hell, the world.

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If anyone can help at all with Michele’s upcoming financial burdens during this journey…Please…any little bit will help… Fight with Michele

As my own personal offering, and a gift to those who can and do help my mentor and sister, when you donate, comment with #LemurianLightOracle and share it to my Facebook page (Lemurian Light Oracle), and I will reach out to you about either a free color reading, or a distance Reiki healing (your choice).  My own way of showing gratitude for your compassion, kindness and assistance.

If anyone is out there that can send a little extra healing energy her way as well…please do…it is all so very greatly appreciated!

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Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

Breath Deeply & Reconnect


It would seem that everyone is experiencing a large amount of turbulence in their lives these days.  As each day passes, something adds to the drama and stress of the day to day.

I’ve been feeling the weight of the barrage of seemingly negative occurrences as well.  Recently it would seem the paths are all posted with signs saying, “whatever can go wrong…will”.  I definitely wallowed in the negativity for awhile, because let’s face it, that’s the easiest choice there is.

Being awake, however, means working every single day to be aware of my thoughts and patterns…  To remember that I’m on this Earth to learn from my experiences, not to hide away in the shadows, sobbing quietly.

I try to remind myself regularly that, though the negative vortex is so easy to fall back into, it’s far more rewarding to push myself past it…to transcend it through focused intent and a wonderfully supportive group of soul sisters/brothers.


With that as my introspective thought while flipping through the mermaid cards, the message they provided told me that now, more than ever, is the time to reconnect with ourselves.

To breath deep the radiant energy available to us all at anytime, if only we would take a moment to focus.




In that moment, truly focus your attention on how revitalized your body is becoming with the divine exchange of life-bringing energies.

Through this focused breath, we not only reconnect with ourselves, but we reconnect with the pure healing energy of Source / Creation / Earth herself.

By doing so, we keep ourselves grounded and centered, become more stable mentally and emotionally, and we are better able to handle what life sends our way.


Daily Prompt: Connected

Magic Clouds


In my eyes, the sky has been a wondrously magical mirror since the day I was born.


It’s my most favorite place to look for messages…staring up at the sky, feeling the warm breeze over my face and through my hair, watching the clouds, the stars, the birds… and just ‘Being’.

A place for the Universe to pass notes to our hearts in the giant classroom of life, if only we are willing to take a time out now and then to tune ourselves in.

Divine little notes that carry the messages our hearts are longing to hear and feel…but our minds so desperately want to keep away from us…fearful of the potential for pain.

The key is to listen with your heart and soul, not with your mind or ears.

The sky has been a such great source of introspective inspiration over the years…it has a truly primal magic and energy about it.  Never limited to those stereotypical, ‘happy-go-lucky’, fluffy white clouds.

I can always ask a question silently, almost willing the answer to appear, and the clouds will begin to morph and shape themselves into the answer I need.

I’ve also found that the shadowy mysteries hidden deep within the dark, ominous storm clouds can hold the most profound and crucial messages of all.

In my experience, the  weather seems to completely mirror the state of my mind, my energetic field.

Anger and depression seem to call forth the stormy rain clouds and high intensity lightning.  This strangely always brings a comforting peace to my soul… a reminder from the Universe that we are capable of standing tall and strong through the worst storms, while still maintaining our inner peace.

It takes consistent conscious effort to maintain that level of stillness and zen..

I remember one specific point in my life where I begged and pleaded with the Universe to help me understand where I was headed…there I was, knelt down in the grass in the middle of an emptying park…sunset warm on my eyelids as I sobbed uncontrollably.

When I finally looked up and beyond my tears, the clouds had formed into the shape of a camel… A desert creature who wisely prepares itself for the unknown future, sent to remind me gently that I can indeed trust my own intuition to succeed.

I thought, “well gee, thanks Universe…that’s a bit of a ‘cop out’ but okay…”  Instead of learning the lesson that the Universe, and the clouds, provided to me, I continued following the same path with the same patterns of behavior.

The message was supposed to incite wisdom and push me to pick myself up. When the Universe finally stepped in to “fix” things, trust me when I say it wasn’t very pretty.

We are constantly being presented with situations that are intended to remind us of our abilities within.

If changes have to occur on your behalf because you stuck your head in the desert sand and refused to acknowledge or take action, it’s not going to be easy to get through and likely very painful.

As we progress,  and especially if we are resistant, the lessons become more intense…

No one ever said our paths would be paved with complete ease and comfort.  Sometimes we need a little hard truth…a little wake up slap from the Universe.

I honestly believe it’s important for us to utilize every tool we have available in order to look for the road signs that appear along our paths. It’s a great honor to me, knowing that I have methods available to me that our ancestors have passed down for so many generations.

I am so very thankful to be a part of a generation / timeline where these methods are coming to the forefront to be honored and integrated once again.

I respect those around me so much for walking each step of their path fully with the kind of integrity and strength that no words or ‘action movie’ could ever fully embody.

To be so aware of yourself, your thoughts and feelings, as well as those of the people around you while simultaneously trying to pull yourself through some rough and stormy weather…

That takes some serious dedication, honesty, and genuine vulnerability.

Word Prompt: DesertStorm & Clouds

Path to Self-Discovery | Phoenix Souls


The other morning I was feeling a little ornery.  I had gone to bed without dinner the night before and crashed for about 12 hours.  I woke up super restless at about 4 AM, went back to bed for another hour of frustratingly flopping around…until finally I squeezed another hour of sleep in.

coffee-cup-2317201_1920When I was about to walk out the door that morning – coffee in hand – my roommate informs me that “this week is a good week to reach out to your congressmen / women about the new health care system”.  I try not to get sucked into the political drama…but I thought, if this is important to my roommate, it’s important for me to hear the situation out.  As you can imagine, I wasn’t exactly in the best head space to absorb this information – and I am also not a morning person on a regular day.

The reasons why I should reach out to these representatives didn’t sound any different from the crappy way things are currently set up to begin with, except that now the rich are getting more breaks and the poor are getting even more f***ed than before.



I immediately felt this dark cloud of negativity… of complete futility… floating just above me.sky-592415_1280

The kind that no matter how much side-stepping you do, it follows you… ever looming and pressing.

Eventually, the following thoughts came through about this entire situation:

“My voice doesn’t matter in this current system.  Not to say that my voice doesn’t matter, however, fighting the same fight against the same system over and over still hasn’t brought any actual progressive and positive changes (just a taste here and there to keep us complacent).  I don’t see why smashing my head against a political wall is going to help anyone except those running this current system, laughing at the futility of our efforts…  


My voice does matter… but they don’t want to hear it.  My soul brothers and sisters hear me without my even speaking a single word.  Actions and souls speak louder.


My soul reaches for other souls, not words or laws.  These laws can’t hold me down. 


These new rules and regulations can’t hold me down.


Because try as they might, they can never take my true freedom… you can burn my body, but my spirit will always rise from the ashes.”


I fully believe that as beings of light and love, we have the power to change the entire course of our future by working from within.  Not by stretching ourselves and our energies so thin or by getting so twisted and worked up about the symptoms that are popping up all over the place that we forget how to move within the shadows.  These are all results of our connected consciousness.  We each need to focus more on ourselves, our hearts, our souls, our head spaces…if we all did our part, these external symptoms would change.


That is the point of this Earth school…you have the power to change every single thing around you…if only you put in the work.


And I don’t mean calling a Senator each and every day (though if you feel you need to, go for it).  None of these people are acting from a level of consciousness that would be a conduit for REAL change.  They care whether or not they’ll get another vote from you when the time comes around so they can continue being complacent in their own jobs, accepting pay-offs and HUGE pay checks to sit back and watch the world burn around them.  I’m done buying into this nonsensical system.

The entire point of becoming awake, aware and conscious is realizing that every single thing in this reality is a reflection of something within.


Shift the internal sources and the results displaying externally will shift.  You have all of the power in the Universe to shift your own reality.  At this point, I would appreciate it if those that don’t feel this way would stop trying to pull me back into the negative cloud of drama that they are intentionally feeding everyone to keep them distracted, angry, sad, upset, stressed, tired and frustrated.


Though, I am also completely understanding and compassionate that people will continue to perpetuate this pattern until they are triggered enough to finally face their shadows and address the REAL issues.

I plan to continue focusing on working on my own issues and watching as the entire Universe shifts to accommodate.

I trust that the Universe has a Divine plan for all of this nonsense.  I trust that if I continue to do my part of the work, things will shift for the better.  I trust that eventually everyone else will begin to see this and do the same… but I also remain aware that this is a slow process and that it’s best not to hold expectations or create time lines.

That said, there is indeed an interesting balance that needs to be kept with remaining conscious and aware of the events unfolding around us while simultaneously being detached enough so as not to be pulled into the many whirlwinds of fear and hate.

Recognize your triggers, face your shadows, and love yourself free of your self-inflicted limitations.meditation-1384758_1280

Much Love & Light,
Emily Shultz

Entangled Reflections

Reflections of past…present…future…

Two souls entangled in love…in pain…in tears…

Each Sacred, each Divine…

One full of compassion…confusion…fear…

The other lost in ego…anger…resentment…

One wonders what could’ve been…if the other could’ve changed…

The other asks ‘why me’‘what punishment is this’

They can never go back…

Wounds so lovingly inflicted…

Both and neither are truly to blame…

The end of a contract…a soul agreement…

A voice in the wind softly whispered…‘never the same…never the same…’

Angelic Presence 

Glimmering, shining, glistening, shimmering, sparkling…

Radiant lights of all shapes and colors…

Whirling around us all throughout our journey in this life time…

A little support for your career here…a little protection from unseen forces there…

They truly only wish the best for us…

And within the laws of this Universe, they help whenever they have an opportunity…

Truly spiritual beings.

Embodiment of love and compassion.

Divine truth and justice.

Executed swiftly with unstoppable will and intention.

I feel blessed and honored in their mere presence…


Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

The Year of Energetic Excellence | 2017

Mermaid 3_03.24.16

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Firstly…let me apologize to those who were left hanging on a branch, anxiously awaiting the next piece of wisdom or introspective discussion.  I’ve been working very hard these last few months on my own path of self-improvement (and certifications!).

I’m excited to finally say that I am a certified Usui Reiki Master but even more excited to announce that another Reiki certification is in the works (Crystal Reiki Master).  I’m working very hard to learn everything I can so that I can share my knowledge, wisdom, energy and joy with all of you.

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In the next year, there will be an online course available which will go through each of the Archangels that I’ve chosen especially for this purpose.  The course will teach you everything you need to know about each of these magnificent energetic beings as well as how you can begin the process of honoring and calling on them within your day to day lives.

Each video will be Reiki charged for a specific purpose, and I’ll explain that in more depth within the video as well.  There will be a focused meditation where you will receive the full extent of the Reiki healing energy as well as the healing energies of the Archangels.  This course should be life-changing and transformative for those that are ready to really dig in and connect.

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Because I’m working with the Archangels, I also feel the need to state that, though this would likely be “extra enjoyable” for those following a certain religion, this course is in no way at all geared towards any specific religion and will not be pushing any beliefs…

No religious over-tones here!

I intend to create a safe place for those that wish to experience powerful healing energies and aren’t closed to certain modalities based purely on religious beliefs.  All religions are respected and honored.  Energy is energy and has no ‘religious boundary’.

So….big things are coming in 2017 – hold onto your hats!!!

Feel free to email / contact me with any questions or comments.  I welcome everyone’s input and opinions, things you’d like to see added in the Archangel’s course/meditations or maybe your interested in a different sort of course…if so, let me know what it is!  I love encompassing new modalities and energies into my practices.

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Happy Yule!!!


Much Love & Light,

Emily Shultz

Checking in…Lookin’ for Your Feedback!

Hi Everyone!

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog.  I’ve been really busy being productive, learning new things and coming up with new ideas that I can share with you all!  😊

I wanted to ask those who are interested to take a few minutes to answer a few questions, and leave me some feedback.

Click Here to go to Survey

It’s just two questions and a comment field and it would really help me determine what my next steps will be.

Keep in mind that the programs mentioned would be offered both in person as well as virtually, and all include Reiki energy.

Thank you so very much and please feel free to shoot me an EMAIL any time with questions or helpful input.

Silence Within a Thunderstorm

I’m going to be straight forward… These last few months have been mentally, barn-1364280_1280emotionally, physically and spiritually challenging on so many levels.  The moment I felt I could catch my breath, I was thrown right back into some other tumultuous life lesson.  To say the least, my energy is very low, I feel very drained…but not in a bad way.  I am eternally grateful for the lessons I learned, and the growth that these whirlwinds of energy cleared a path for.  Now is just the time for a brief rest and some introspective reflection on my path so far.

That said, I’m writing this post to reflect on the cleansing affect that a rainstorm truly has for us, if we open our hearts and allow ourselves to receive it.

Today, after many moments of “am I angry or about to cry…”, a very large and vocal summer storm started rolling in.  At first the sky became a dark, smokey black and the trees began to bend with the wind.  A light sprinkle, an ominous rumble.  I smiled.  Every fiber of my being wanted to be outside in that rain.

Since I was very little, storms were calming to me…the cool breeze, the feeling of water showering down from the heavens… I believe it’s cleansing for the entire body, right down to the soul…  Divine little blessings of love, joy, peace, comfort, protection and light within each little droplet.  I imagine that their energetic blessings are immediately connected with my soul as each drop splashes onto the surface of my body.

I found myself sitting in the rain for at least twenty minutes today.  Feeling the heavens bless me with it’s cleansing energy…feeling the old feelings and negative energies being washed away, right where I stood.  I cried a little…I paced around…I sat contemplatively…I splashed through puddles…I was within those moments, completely present with myself and how I needed to process these energies – my silence within a thunderstorm.

 I am so eternally grateful for this connection with the storms and I highly recommend it to anyone willing to brave it themselves (do be careful of lightning though – always be cautious and safe)!

I will also be providing a meditation related to this same thing very soon – stay tuned!  🙂

Written By: Emily Shultz


Daily Prompt: Silence

Sacred Flame of Creation

She is the Sacred Flame of Creation,

Her Body, the Temple.

She is the Magnificent Mountain,

steadfast and strong.

She spreads her wings to the Winds of Change,

soaring ever higher.

She is the Vessel of Holy Water,

her tears, the nourishing rain.

She stands alone and unafraid,

her Inner Knowing embodied.

Radiant Golden Light flows from her Higher Heart,

surrounding all she touches with Warmth, Comfort and Love.

She is a modern-day Energetic Warrior,

the Huntress of Evil and hatred.

Her mere presence invokes the Compassionate Will of Divinity itself.


How do you define yourself as a person of the human condition?

What is the truth behind who you really are, where you came from, where your path has led you so far?

What scars have you acquired along the way that molded your thoughts and opinions of the now?

Have you pushed others away due to your irrational fears of abandonment or to protect yourself from pain?

Would it really be so bad to let someone in once and awhile?  So, maybe you will get hurt, but maybe you’ll also have another once in a cycle experience that will forever mold you into a different human entirely.

Let go of judgment on yourself.  Your strength and perseverance have gotten you this far in these life times and will continue to do so whether you realize it now or in the next contract.

Live, laugh, breath, run, swim, talk…experience!  Just be you…entirely you...JUST BE…and let the rest fall into place exactly when and where it should.

Try to relax sweet one, have faith that you are protected and loved endlessly.

It all comes back to these labels you all seem to hold so dearly.  If you held each other as much as you hold these jaded judgments and thoughts, the world would have already known True Peace.  This is not to scold, only to give perspective on where the negative labeling and judgment leads.

No good will come until we learn to love ourselves and begin to pour that into the melting pot of the core of all things.

written By: Emily Shultz

Awake and Confused


Sweet ones, you fear so much the feminine, divine or otherwise…

You fear that embracing the feminine side of yourself will inevitably make you weak…vulnerable and open to attacks.

What if is is exactly what you need right now?  What if embracing your feminine side IS how you step fully into your power?

What if it is your aversion to that beautiful womanly side of yourself that creates the disconnect you feel with your soul…the hidden key to embodying your power fully?


Unfortunately, history doesn’t paint a picture of strong women because men fear what they can’t understand.

To be a woman is to hold the power of creating and nurturing life…

It is also the seat of wisdom, compassion and magic.


Don’t limit your feminine energy because of what you believe you need to be in order to fit into society.

You didn’t come here to fit in.

You didn’t come here to play small.

You came here to love, create, inspire, dance, laugh and spread joy.

You came to set a new standard in society…

To break the old patterns and pave the way for love and light.


At times this existence of ours can be very confusing…being awake in a sea of souls that are still very much asleep isn’t easy by any means but it’s what we chose to do.

To be the peaceful ambassadors and compassionate guides for those souls who are beginning to rub the sleep from their eyes, like children who have been asleep in the back of the car for hours on end.

Remember to embrace your soul fully…in all of it’s shimmering glory.


Daily Prompt: Confused


Complicated Process


Today I write to be 100% real with myself, and you all.

I’ve come to realize that sometimes, you just have to swirl around in your negative vortex for awhile until you can catch your wind and truly begin to open your eyes.

This past year has been a trying one, emotionally – physically – mentally – even energetically.  Grief, emotional trauma, fear, severe anxiety, resentment, self-loathing…you get the picture.divider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

What I share from my journal today, is a glimpse into the depths of my mind, my thought process, and of course my heart.  It’s HUMANly impossible to write without using your heart, no matter how you flip the page.  Every thought you have is influenced by the experiences of your heart.  The key is to write everything down and begin to reflect on the meaning behind your thoughts.  To truly get to know yourself you need to become your own best friend…again.

Honor your thoughts, for they are all valid in their own mysterious ways…some only exist because of some aspect of you that wants to be healed and others exist because of love, gratitude, wonder, and joy.  The only way to make those you perceive as “positive” stick around more often is by honoring and holding space for your own emotional healing.  Hiding away because you fear reliving your past isn’t conducive to your personal growth.  It stunts it.  You become completely stuck in a negativity tar pit, feeling like you are clawing endlessly with no progress at all.divider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

Right about now you might be thinking…

“Why is this woman openly about to share so much of her heart with the world?”

My response?

Because we are ALL vulnerable and in need of a guiding hand and a wise word now and then… I know that there are people out there, right now, thinking and feeling the same sort of things.  It’s time for us to start being more vulnerable with each other.  It’s time to stop pretending we all live these perfect little lives, that nothing bothers us, and we are all “just fine”.  Maybe you are just fine, maybe your life is perfect, maybe you haven’t had any issues at all in your life.  That’s great…I am joyous for you, truly, but I recommend you keep scrolling.  This is a place where I encourage you to open your heart freely…get really honest with your feelings…and hopefully find some portion of this message that could potentially be healing for you in some way.divider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

And so with all of that out of the way…here’s the main event: 

I feel unstable.

I feel non-self-sufficient.

I feel like a constant burden.

I feel like a recluse.

I feel unproductive.

I feel lazy.

I feel unsuccessful.

I feel useless.

I feel wasteful.

I feel like there’s nothing special or unique about me.

I feel I’ll never amount to anything.

Unattainable success.

Weak boundaries.


Going nowhere really f*$@ing fast!

Why don’t I trust myself?  When did that s*@# start?

Why do I loathe myself so?

How do I shift to a better self-image?

Complete and total frustration.

Rage and anger. – Why do I feel angry?

At this point, I began listing every single scar I could possibly think of from my past.

No closure?


Lack of support.

Fear teachings.

The world is unsafe when you are thin, pretty, attractive.

Reinforced feelings of self-mistrust -> Only able to make bad decisions…

Never fit in anywhere.  Don’t belong.  Too sensitive.

Memories of always being put down, made fun of, hurt…

Broken wings.

Why do I always ask questions but never feel I get any answers?!divider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

And so my guides began to explain to me: 

So much unaddressed emotional trauma and stress can only be expected to begin manifesting in the physical realm…so that you can’t push it away anymore.

Peace and serenity doesn’t come to you… You have to look for it… Under every rock, stone, scar, etc.

You can never have any peace until you are willing to look your inner self in the eyes and get REAL!


As I began to grasp what I was being told…

Hate is a sign of continuing the victim role… “I hate ___ because it allows me to avoid ____.”

You can only feel hatred for something you once loved…

Feeling betrayed and used… Feeling like there is no justice, no closure.

What is the violence and abuse I’ve dealt with in my lifetime supposed to have taught me?  It’s easy to be hurt?  People shouldn’t be trusted?

You’ll never feel trusting of others until you really begin to trust yourself.

Achieving new heights, gaining new abilities or talents will only open me up to being exploited.

Only YOU can allow yourself to be exploited.  Through STRENGTH…BOUNDARIES…and HONOR.divider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

My mind is being over run by thoughts of stomach, neck, and shoulder pain… *tears*  How do I transform the way I think of these things so that I don’t become frozen in fear and inaction?

I constantly doubt my worthiness to receive love.

How do I shift to looking at being alive as a positive thing?divider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

At this point…I needed to pull a “Return of Spirit” card (by Cheryl Lee Harnish)…”GIFTED”…

(In an attempt to refocus myself, noticing that my thoughts seemed to be all over the place…here, there and everywhere.)

Did the situation I asked about trigger self-worth issues?

Feeling disregarded and tossed aside; empty promises?

What are you grasping for externally?

What if you were to realize that within that moment of grasping for some external comfort, in that action itself, your inner guru is calling for your attention.  Calling for you to open your eyes to the truth beneath the surface…

Small steps…everyday…to help you embody little bits of your power at a time; to ease yourself into what stepping in could truly feel like.

We do not laugh at you…but are ironically and dryly amused at how much beauty and magic you are willing to block yourself from out of pure fear of what you do not know or understand.

There is power in loving yourself.  Start there.divider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

How do I know when I’ve stepped into my power?

When you stop having to ask and look for outside validation.

No one was sent to validate your power.  Only you know the truth of your own power.  How could anyone ever validate the beauty and majesty of what is yours and only yours?

Why do you incessantly look for the cause of a symptom instead of just focusing on what steps to take toward solutions?

The cause of your symptoms are in the past…

Traveling back to the past only relives the issues and reinforces their affects and power over you.  Look instead for positive solutions and focus your vision on what the healed version of you will look like once you’ve found the right solution.

Why do you feel there is something wrong with you the way that you are, right now, in this very moment?

Are you comparing yourself to past you?  Future you?

When do you get to just be happy with where and who you are within the moment?

At what point do you accept your past to move through the present and wait patiently, without expectations or stories, for the future to unfold?

You are such a complex and beautiful creature for so many magical reasons… Your physical appearance could never even dream to compare with the rare beauty within you.  Why focus on something so dim as a street lamp when you have the entire cosmos within you?divider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

To close off this journal entry, I wrote down an extremely quick and simple prayer for a little help as I navigate my ever-evolving path: 

I pray for strength and courage.
I pray for peace and serenity.
I pray for honor and integrity.
I pray for wisdom and truth.
I pray for health and vitality.
I pray for love and compassion.

These are the qualities and gifts that I know in my heart are truly necessary on every step of my path.divider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

Daily Prompt: Complicated