The Open Door

palmbeach1 Photo Credit: A Hawks Eye View

…Open Mind…Open Heart…

Each one of us has our own secret space somewhere deep in the recesses of our inner minds.  We try for most of our lives to block off that part of ourselves because the mere thought of looking at the things within that dark, unknown space is terrifying.

The door to it is always open, it’s our choice to step through it and explore rather than turning our backs and cowering.

I fully believe that the entire point of our existence is to facilitate healing, growth and evolution…for ourselves…mentally – emotionally – physically – & – spiritually.  When we do the work for ourselves, it automatically travels within the collective consciousness…not just helping others individually but even the Earth herself.

We are light beings…we are all connected…whether we realize it or not, we all feel what the collective feels…when one aspect or perspective shifts, so does the whole.  When I think of all this, I remember a small German phrase that I repeated to myself when I was a teenager: ‘wir atmen wie ein’ which translates to ‘we breath as one’.

We have a duty to honor our hearts – to act with integrity and virtue…to uplift one another…to spread compassion and peace…  The longer we allow our fears to rule us, the longer we will stay stuck in the negative whirlwind this planet is currently plagued by.

For too long, our backs have been turned to that open door in the darkness.  For too long, we’ve been stumbling around this planet, hopelessly lost and feeling victimized.  Now is the time to stop glancing over your shoulders and boldly face the open door head on.  Step into your power, remember who you truly are…heart and soul…  Love is the answer to this hateful plague…Divine Love…  Love in it’s purest and most innocent form.

And so I will state again…face the open door…within the darkness you so dread and fear is your sweet little inner child…lonely…frightened…in desperate need of love to heal those old emotional traumas.  Be brave for the sake of that beautiful soul of yours…by reassuring your inner child, you simultaneously reassure yourself (at your core).

The light and love within your heart will radiate around you, illuminating your path as you step through that open door.  The more you heal and center yourself, the more that light will expand until you are a brilliant beacon of shimmering golden rays… Lighting your way through the darkest of shadows…the most bleak of nights… An inspiration to all who witness you.

Trust yourself…know that you have more inner strength than you could ever imagine…know that you have unseen allies who are constantly working to guide and support you.

Trust that your connection to the Universe is expansive and unlimited.

…we are one…

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Freedom Retreat – Anxiety & PTSD

What in the world is a ‘Freedom Retreat?!

Ironically, I pulled these cards for the blog about 2 months ago.  I think these cards may have been foreshadowing my necessary retreat in order to reestablish my independence and determination, to reignite my spark and passion.  I sat and stared at the screen for hours (over several days) and absolutely nothing came to me as to what I would write about them.  Days turned into weeks and I got a bit derailed…

I would love to say that I’ve been slacking but that honestly just wouldn’t be the case.  Between trying to make some money to pay the bills and feeling like the darkness would finally overwhelm me, the blog post ended up on the back burner.  It’s so difficult when you’re in the midst of that dark, swirling vortex of negative thoughts, emotions and patterns, to uplift yourself.

Daily Test of Strength & Commitment

Every day is a new test of strength and commitment to myself while I experience all the affects of anxiety and PTSD.  Some days are much worse than others, but mostly I’m very happy to survive a day with minimal anxiety and tension.  I’m plagued almost daily by massive migraines and sleepless nights, fearing that the moment I close my eyes, I will again have to bare witness to another possible way for me to be murdered or attacked brutally.

It almost begins to feel like your brain has started to work against you.  The less sleep you have, the more you are susceptible to anxiety and strange visuals, but the more you try to sleep, the more your brain fights it.

You begin to take any opportunity to keep your brain busy that you can…mindless entertainment, endless Facebook scrolling and video watching…even just sitting in the dark listening to loud and obnoxious music until day begins to break.

Anything that will keep those thoughts away from you…anything to get relief from it for a few hours.

Panic Attack!!!

Just a few days ago, I experienced one of the worst panic attacks I’ve had in a very long time.  The kind that keep you from breathing…piling on extra panic because you begin to fear you’ll suffocate.  I was literally curled up on the floor of my room, in the dark…unable to even sob because that would require oxygen, which I was quickly running out of.  Every cell in my body was reacting in fear of the worst (death).  Everyone tells you to focus on your breathing when you begin to have a panic attack…I feel like this is advice from someone who has never really experienced one.

For me, breathing is the worst possible thing for my brain be focused on during an attack…I become so focused on how little my lungs are filling with air, that I am worse off than I was in the first place. I tried to focus on little things in my room…a crystal sitting on the edge of my desk, the fish swimming around in my tank, the ceiling fan…anything that isn’t my breath or my anxiety.  That said, it’s really hard when you’re in the midst of feeling like the entire world is crumbling around you to focus on anything except the debris and fear.

I am truly thankful for the people in my life who try so very hard to understand what I’m going through and do their very best to help and support me but I know in my heart that this is a hurdle that only I can carry myself over, once and for all.

People often handout their bits of advice of how you should handle your anxiety…I honestly believe they’re trying their best to help with the understanding that they have…but I feel that every single person’s anxiety is specific to them.  There isn’t one true way to handle anxiety, PTSD or a panic attack – the reason for a person even having these disorders differs from case to case, so their reactions and triggers are totally unique to them.  There is a bit of a stigma around “PTSD”, that only combat veterans are susceptible to the disorder, but I – and many other men and women – are a testament to how vast and expansive the disorder can really be.

A person could develop PTSD from extended exposure to high levels of stress within an office job – maybe a boss that is constantly flying off the handle – there are those who are rape victims, people who have witnessed any sort of violence, and the list goes on.  Anyone who’s psyche has been pushed to a point of terror for their life (for whatever reason) is susceptible to developing this disorder – it’s all about how a person’s brain and body react to whatever situation they are in.

Healing Mental Trauma Spiritually

I myself do not believe in medicating to “fix” my disorder (but that’s just my personal choice)…I truly wish to heal the root of the problem, not mask it or put myself into a fog, just pretending it’s not an issue anymore.  I will say, however, that this approach has by far been the most difficult path I’ve ever taken in my life.  Every day I wonder if it would just be easier to go to a doctor and get some pills to numb it.  The problem is, I fear using pills to numb myself from a disorder that is literally already numbing me.  How numb can a person become before they are considered to be a walking, talking, breathing zombie?

I want to heal the emotional trauma, not just the physical.  That’s where my interest in the metaphysical and universal energies has come in to play.  Since the day I began researching and learning, connecting with my soul, my emotions, my body, and with source, my anxieties have been greatly lessened.  The number of panic attacks I have now compared to 5 years ago have been more than cut in half.

The key I’ve found is that when you begin to deal with your emotional baggage, heal your old wounds and open your heart…little by little…the anxiety begins to flake away.  The more you love and honor yourself (and your feelings), the less you will feel angry, anxious and fearful.  Now I work to find the patience to stay on this path, to remain steadfast in my healing journey, knowing that the 100% fix isn’t going to happen overnight, or even in the next 3 years.

What was the Point of This Blog Post?!

The main point was to make a blog post but to do so from a place of truth and vulnerability.  A way to explain why it’s been so long but also with the hope that someone reading this could be helped in knowing that they aren’t alone with their own anxiety or PTSD.

I would urge anyone who feels like they are struggling alone to reach out to someone (friend/family) and express yourself.

Be brave, be vulnerable and be willing to do the hard work to heal yourself.

And if you feel like there is no one you can reach out to…PLEASE contact me!  I don’t want anyone in this world to feel like they are suffering alone.  It’s hard enough having gone through whatever trauma you’ve gone through, but in the aftermath, to feel like you are isolated and alone…It breaks my heart more than anyone could ever know.

For those out there that know someone who is suffering with anxiety or PTSD…know that sometimes the best thing you can do is lend your ear…listen to their problems, fears and worries.  Know that just because this person seems to refuse every invitation you extend to them, they still love you wholeheartedly, it only means that they can’t handle being around others because it causes far too much stress and anxiety for them.

Keep trying…keep loving…keep supporting…


Thank you for reading and understanding my message today.

Much love and light to you all…….and more blog posts going forward!!!

❤ Emily Shultz ❤

Archangel Sandalphon & The Selkie

The question posed to the ‘Oracle of the Mermaids’ and ‘Angels of Atlantis’ today was about a strong feeling of ‘lack’ in the area of emotional support.  Above are the cards that wanted to share their beautiful messages on this subject today.

“Sandalphon: Planetary Cycles

Message from the Guidebook

by Stewart Pearce & Richard Crookes
  • “…Many changes have been prophesied, and many changes are now occurring.  This card invites you to look to your own natural cycles, and see that you are an organic being, living on an organic planet…”
  • “…ask what aspect of your authentic self you are allowing to emerge at this time.  Sandalphon is asking you to reveal how awe-inspiring you are, letting your true self come forth.  Chant ‘Haw’ to stabilize the Earth element within you.”

“Soul Love by Archangel Sandalphon through Phoenix”

The video below from YouTube is a very quick and beautiful way to sit in the energy of Sandalphon, with divine love and music.

“The Selkie & Her SkinReclaiming your authenticity

Message from the Guidebook

by Lucy Cavendish
  • “…the tale of the Selkie is that of a creature who has been captured, who has had their deep wildness tamed, who has in some ways fallen into an amnesiac state simply in order to deal with the loss.  It seems that if you remember all that has been taken from you, your heart could break, and your will could die.”
  • “The Selkie’s is the story for all of us who have forgotten our strength, our freedom, our right to choose again and again our delight in life.”

“The Maiden and the Selkie”

Dive Deep into the Waves of Emotional Authenticity

“Your spiritual progression is not about becoming happy 24 hours a day.  It’s becoming willing to feel.  So, it’s not that we feel better, it’s that we start to be willing to FEEL MORE.  So, we get better at feeling, rather than feel better…” ~ Teal Swan ~


The Combined Message?

I sense that both mighty Sandalphon and the mystical Selkie came together to answer the I question posed in such a divine dance of love, support, wisdom and guidance.

Sandalphon urges us to dig deep into our feelings and emotions, to honor them and to stand in integrity…to be entirely open with ourselves, reminding us that we will never truly heal the deepest wounds we have if we are afraid of what feelings are lying in wait.  We must examine ourselves and take the necessary steps to get back into alignment with our feelings, with who we truly are…who we wish to be at our core.

It’s time to take the mask down…to be honest with yourself and honor what you are feeling, even if the triggers are from old wounds…the only way you’ll begin to find these things and heal them is by opening yourself up.

The Selkie brought the message that we cannot continue to block out the old issues and wounds because we are afraid that feeling those things will cause us to break or collapse.  She reminds us that we are much stronger than we could ever imagine and urges us to also dig deep within.

Both Sandalphon and the Selkie ask us to remember who we are, that the ’emotional support’ we seek can only radiate from within… to remember that we are connected with this planet in such a beautiful and organic way, that we are just as strong as the Earth and Sun themselves, if only we remain willing to stand in that power…to stand tall in integrity and true authenticity…to bathe in the light of divine love as we allow ourselves to live and be free.

Mermaid’s Magical Mirror

This morning I asked for the mermaid’s advice on a personal crisis that I’ve been experiencing (from Oracle of the Mermaids – Lucy Cavendish).  These three lovely beauties hopped right out from the deck the moment I focused on my question – ‘how can I best handle this situation?’.

On the surface, the cards are whispering a gentle message that I have a support system, that I must allow them to show me the universal mirror, and that I am embarking on a powerful spiritual journey that will lead to many new opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

So, here’s a deeper look at each of the cards, their messages and a bit of my own input…


~ 1 ~

“GUIDE: A guide, mentor, a trustworthy ally.”

Lucy Cavendish‘s Guidebook states that the best guides are those who create strength within and that I will continue to test the waters with many guides, throughout my life, that may or may not resonate with me.

It may also mean a new guide will be arriving soon to help heal and protect; they will be completely and unconditionally loving as well as understanding, helping me to adapt and evolve on this journey.

I’m instructed to keep an open ear and an open mind, but to also be discerning and mindful of how quickly I trust a new guide, to pay close attention to their energy and how I feel.  After a while of testing the waters, they will reveal their true intentions and a wonderful new partnership on my spiritual path will unfold.


~ 2 ~

“THE MIRRORKnow thyself, self-examination, seeing who you really are.”

This card provided a beautiful and profound lesson that really stuck with me:

  • “Water is a great mirror, and the darker it is, the clearer the reflections of the world around it will be. And so it is with life.  The clear mirror we can look into will show us who we appear to be…but the dark mirror, metaphorically, is when life, or the sea, or our feelings become darker, more complex…”

We are reminded again that “…sometimes, we do not always like the truth of what we see in this dark mirror.”

This card can also indicate that I mustn’t hold on to negativity about who I think I am or be so afraid of what I will see when I take that deep gaze within.  This is a beautiful process, a way to truly love ourselves unconditionally.  It is a great sign of strength to be willing to look into the mermaid’s magical mirror so that “we may see what is hidden to the eye of the body, but known to the eyes of the soul…”


~ 3 ~

“IMRAMMA: Wonder voyage, crossing deep waters, pilgrimage, journey of the soul.”

‘Imramma’ is an old word used by the Irish to describe a hero’s sea journey to the ‘Otherworld’ (like Odysseus) and it’s been said that the seashore is actually the border between our world and the God’s.

In essence, the term ‘Imramma’ describes the soul’s journey, an undertaking only attempted by those who truly wish to fulfill their destiny and experience adventures beyond their wildest dreams.  It is an initiation of sorts, for our souls to evolve and expand.

  • “…There will soon be a great voyage for you, where you travel over water to come to a place that your soul has longed to journey to…”
  • “…The Imramma or the pilgrimage over water is one that is watched over by the mermaids – and one that we all must make during our lifetimes…”

The mermaids seemed to be warning that I am not properly addressing my emotions and am disconnecting myself from them as an avoidance tactic.

They are urging me to stop the division between my head and my heart, urging that this will be a crucial aspect of my Imramma.  With their loving assistance, I will be guided and supported on my soul’s journey.

    • “You have long divided yourself into your parts: your emotions you keep so separate from your head. On Imramma, the lines you have so cleanly divided all into will blur.  But all the while we will sing you onwards, calling you forth, so you can continue to follow the journey of the soul…” 

This one actually hit the nail right on the head for me.  Growing up, I learned that expressing my emotions generally only led to more hurt and distress.  For a long time I refused to acknowledge my “lesser” feelings because I saw them as a sign of weakness.  In these past few years, as I began my awakening, I slowly but surely worked towards rediscovering myself, my feelings, and my soul.  This is no small task and I am no way close to considering the process “complete”.

The past few weeks alone have been extremely intense and tumultuous.  Truly the biggest crashing wave of emotions and chaos that I have ever experienced in my life up to now.  It was not in any way easy to find what underlying emotions were causing this situation, my thoughts and feelings.  To stay calm, centered and non-reactive so that I could continue to flow and prosper.

I also pulled a Goddess oracle card and received ‘Medusa’.  The story is that Medusa was a priestess of a temple who had taken a vow  when she had relations with Poseidon and broke her sacred vow of celibacy.  This angered Athena into turning her into the ‘monster’ we’ve perceived her to be for so long.  One look within her eyes would freeze a man and turn him to stone.  As the story goes, when she was killed, Pegasus rose from her blood.

The message that Medusa shares today is that we should never allow the fear of what we might see in the mirror cause us to freeze and turn to stone.  So much synchronicity, that both the Mermaids and Medusa shared the message of fearlessly facing into the mirror, to openly consider our emotional baggage, to see our gifts just as clearly as we would see our flaws.

Joyful Remembering

Inspiration, messages and guidance from Lemuria and beyond.  This blog is a small step in a much greater mission that is quite honestly yet to be fully envisioned and developed.  On the other hand, however, it’s also a huge step onto a path toward remembering and honoring my Lemurian ancestors, the joy that they embodied, and their loving wisdom.

Stay tuned for oracle cards, channeled messages, a bit of introspective writing as well as fun philosophical investigations into human nature (as related to higher consciousness), poetry musings and even a stray rune reading now and then.  I truly believe that deep healing occurs when we take a compassionate and introspective look at the messages our oracles offer to us daily, if only we would take the time.

These oracles and messages come in so many varying shapes and sizes, they ask only that we expand our consciousness…open our hearts…be vulnerable…so that we may know and experience true healing.  I intend to regularly pull an oracle card (or two) for the day mainly from each of the following oracle card decks:

  • Angels of Atlantis” by Stewart Pearce (author) & Richard Crookes (artist)
  • Oracle of the Mermaids” by Lucy Cavendish

I’ll give a brief overview of the messages written by the authors as well as my own take on what these messages could mean from many different perspectives.  Each post will be accompanied by a photograph (I’m also a photographer) of the card’s magnificent artwork so that all can more deeply connect with the energy and meaning.

I welcome with open arms all who resonate with the beauteous, magical energy of the dolphins and our Lemurian ancestors.  I ask only that you keep an open heart…be centered in the frequency of joy, love and oneness.

Spider Medicine: Weaving Webs

What is it that makes us human?  What would a natural human being, left to his/her own learning processes and habits with no societal influences, truly be like.  A human not taught from a young age that one must ‘act their age’, ‘fit in’ and ‘earn money’.  Allowed to completely connect and embody their senses, their innate abilities and gifts, never tied down or shown that certain creatures are “beneath them”. What an amazing planet that would be; a world of compassion, consideration and magic. Allowing ourselves to remember that it is our imagination that molds our lives…the exact thing that is repressed in our young lives is the exact thing that will save us from ourselves. Taught to doubt and repress our abilities. Believing the world to be cold and cruel, that others are only ever out to harm and trample you.

Such a place of deep sadness and fear. If only we could see how beautiful things really are when you just allow them to be as they are.  All things are this way. Everything should be allowed to be as it is…plants, dirt, rocks, insects, large, small, living, breathing, inanimate. My favorite phrase in the world has been ‘it is what it is’ because that’s exactly how things are. Nothing makes your heart more joyous than spending time connecting with others, connecting with nature, and just purely being connected.

Once you begin to peel away and heal the old layers, the being you reveal will shine so brightly you won’t be able to help but see the beautiful star you are. You are a piece of all that is, a sliver of this multi-dimensional universe, a being so strong and powerful there could never be an urge to flaunt it. You are one with all around you. You are love. You are peace. You are strength. You are beauty. You are so complex and divine that there are truly no words to fully portray the wonderful portrait of your glowing soul.

Step into yourself and allow your soul to whisper in your ear. Such moving and unique stories it has to share with you. I have personally witnessed in my own life what power there is in acknowledging yourself, your deep dark secrets and locked away emotions. Sometimes you have to allow yourself the space to break down and fall apart so that you can see the big picture. Only then can you begin to piece your soul’s puzzle back together in a more beneficial pattern. Always remember that sometimes the portrait you create now will need to be broken back down and rearranged later…that is the bittersweet magic of the paths we walk at this time. Recognizing and moving through these moments becomes a little easier each time. You are never alone in your darkness. There is always love and support surrounding you. Know that you truly do heal the world around you as you begin to heal yourself.

So for now, I leave you with this: what sort of web have you weaved for yourself up to now? Bring your awareness to the thoughts, emotions, and energy that you have swirling around you at this moment. Are there parts that you must pull away to rebuild, parts that require more structural support or are no longer necessary? Be as the spider; she is a mindful master of her own universe.  Swift and meticulous while also keenly aware and cautious of where she constructs her web, how each line of silk is laid out and interconnected, as well as what she allows in her space of sanctuary.

Chaos Serene – Examining our Mental Vortex

How does one examine the swirling inner vortex of their own mind?  How do you pin a false belief down in this enormous sea of thoughts and feelings?

The answer is that you must never pin anything down.  That, in itself, is the worst false belief existing within our society today.  To pin something down, you take away it’s universal gift of freedom.

You must sit quietly with them. Tell them your fears, examine your thoughts (with detachment), and allow them to reveal their truth to you as you become more equipped mentally and emotionally to handle it. We sometimes find ourselves with this extreme desire to angrily track each feeling down, hold it against the wall, and demand it spill it’s secrets so that we may heal. It will never work that way and only cause extra frustration and blockage. The angrier you are, the less you are able to be open to the love and healing that is held within your truth. Calm your heart. Sit and be with who you are now. Love everything about how you are right now, no judgement or labels.

This is the part where I quote my favorite human being of all time, Bruce Lee to give you another example of what I meant above:

“Don’t make a plan of fighting, that is a very good way to lose your teeth. If you try to remember, you will lose. Empty your mind. Be formless. Shapeless. Like water. Now, you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. Put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or creep or drip or CRASH. Be water my friend.” –

How could you expect your mind to bestow you with emotional and spiritual truths when you’re already weighed down so heavily by rage, resentment, or fear? Your mind will quite naturally go into a protective defense state, preventing you from forcing the unknown upon yourself.

The key is to change your perspective when you begin focusing on your healing process. Don’t go into a meditation with the intention of tracking some previous memory down so that you may heal some part of yourself. Go into your meditation as water. Just flow, allow things to float by you as they are meant to.

Everything happens for a reason and in it’s own divine timing. Remember that you are loved and supported at all times by those around you, both seen and unseen.

Here’s a little poem I wrote, inspired by this subject. 🙂

– Chaos Serene –
Intellectual mind,
temporarily blind.
Smothered intuition,
dreams with no fruition.
Truth and justice smothered,
lies waiting to be uncovered.
Love trumps hate,
we must avoid the bait.
Love. Peace. Joy. Compassion.
Find your inner guru,
and all will pass thru you.

2016: The Year of Pure Poetry

It’s that time of year again…everyone’s looking for some new goal to set for the start of a brand new year. For the most part, I believe that if it wasn’t important enough for me to focus on in the past year, there’s no reason that the moment the clock strikes midnight on December 31st my goal is magically going to mean more.
With that said, this year I did begin to examine the possibility of making a change or two for 2016, with the loving push of two beautiful soul sisters.

I woke up very early yesterday morning for a beach walk with two of my closest friends and mentors. The sun was casting a radiant golden beam of shimmering light across the water as we maneuvered through the mine field of little blue blobs of man o’ war.

Each of us stopped here and there to pick up a sea shell or stone as we discussed different topics. We discovered a rather amazing treasure trove, a wondrous assortment of different shells with varying shapes, sizes and colors. We each began searching for those special pieces that called to us uniquely.  As each of us inquisitively combed the beach, sifting through shells and sand, one of the women posed the question, ‘so, what are you letting go of / not carrying with you into the new year?’.

My immediate answer was ‘false beliefs’ but I quickly recognized how insurmountable a task that would be so I corrected myself to ‘letting go of the false belief that I’m not good enough, that I can’t make good decisions for myself’.  We spiraled ever further into the vortex of this discussion, digging deeper until the question was reposed as ‘what would you like to do differently in the new year?’  After a moment of internal reflection, I came to my conclusion: “2016 is going to be a year of pure poetry for me”.

So what does this mean, a year of pure poetry, and how is that even possible?  First and foremost, I envision myself writing with more fluidity and creativity than ever before.  However, in true poetic spirit, the statement has different layers and meanings depending on your perspective.  Every single verse, every word, invokes some thought or emotion deep within the core of your being.  That is why poetry is an art-form in itself.  None of what is invoked is either good or bad, not until we attach the labels to it anyway.  This is because our mind provokes us to label everything we see based on past experiences and pains.  Poetry allows the writer to examine the deepest recesses of their mind, their darkest moments as well as their most joyous memories, in such a way that brings light and beauty into every corner.

In essence, my goal for 2016 will be to strive every day to uncover the poetic jewels hidden within each moment of my life without attaching unnecessary labels.  This coming year, I will look at my life as a wonderful poem being written with every thought, every word, every footstep, and every interaction.

I will remember that there are lessons in every single word scribbled down into the leather-bound notebook of my heart and soul.  I will keep my heart open and remember that I am constantly surrounded by inspiration, if only I allow the ink pen of my life experiences to gently scroll across the pages, unbiased and untethered.

Change is being whispered upon the wind; a change of perspective and of heart.  I can’t wait to unfurl my sail and begin a brand new journey across undiscovered seas!

Cardinal Presence

Oh sweet little red blur,

How you brighten the darkest of days,

A sweet chirp chirp from a distant branch,

Hidden away from prying eyes,

A swift flit, a moments glance,

But oh how I treasure each one.

Alligator Medicine | Boundaries & Honor

Just as an alligator fiercely defends it’s territory, you must defend your boundaries and honor.  This does not mean that you should be hurtful or aggressive, it merely means that you should keep a keen eye on the situations as they arise and act swiftly with purpose and defense.  Make your point clear but keep your thoughts and words flowing with the energy of love and not hate. Some people will not budge even after you’ve made your boundaries clear; you cannot change the way a person thinks or feels and at that point, you should just walk away from it peacefully, accepting that the person clearly doesn’t resonate with you.  Learn to choose your battles.  Keep calm, clear and centered at all times.  This will keep you from saying or doing things that cannot be taken back.  Sometimes you will bump into a log or be caught up in foliage, but remain calm and centered and it will eventually pass, as all things do.