Joyful Remembering

Inspiration, messages and guidance from Lemuria and beyond.  This blog is a small step in a much greater mission that is quite honestly yet to be fully envisioned and developed.  On the other hand, however, it’s also a huge step onto a path toward remembering and honoring my Lemurian ancestors, the joy that they embodied, and their loving wisdom.

Stay tuned for oracle cards, channeled messages, a bit of introspective writing as well as fun philosophical investigations into human nature (as related to higher consciousness), poetry musings and even a stray rune reading now and then.  I truly believe that deep healing occurs when we take a compassionate and introspective look at the messages our oracles offer to us daily, if only we would take the time.

These oracles and messages come in so many varying shapes and sizes, they ask only that we expand our consciousness…open our hearts…be vulnerable…so that we may know and experience true healing.  I intend to regularly pull an oracle card (or two) for the day mainly from each of the following oracle card decks:

  • Angels of Atlantis” by Stewart Pearce (author) & Richard Crookes (artist)
  • Oracle of the Mermaids” by Lucy Cavendish

I’ll give a brief overview of the messages written by the authors as well as my own take on what these messages could mean from many different perspectives.  Each post will be accompanied by a photograph (I’m also a photographer) of the card’s magnificent artwork so that all can more deeply connect with the energy and meaning.

I welcome with open arms all who resonate with the beauteous, magical energy of the dolphins and our Lemurian ancestors.  I ask only that you keep an open heart…be centered in the frequency of joy, love and oneness.


Spider Medicine: Weaving Webs

What is it that makes us human?  What would a natural human being, left to his/her own learning processes and habits with no societal influences, truly be like.  A human not taught from a young age that one must ‘act their age’, ‘fit in’ and ‘earn money’.  Allowed to completely connect and embody their senses, their innate abilities and gifts, never tied down or shown that certain creatures are “beneath them”. What an amazing planet that would be; a world of compassion, consideration and magic. Allowing ourselves to remember that it is our imagination that molds our lives…the exact thing that is repressed in our young lives is the exact thing that will save us from ourselves. Taught to doubt and repress our abilities. Believing the world to be cold and cruel, that others are only ever out to harm and trample you.

Such a place of deep sadness and fear. If only we could see how beautiful things really are when you just allow them to be as they are.  All things are this way. Everything should be allowed to be as it is…plants, dirt, rocks, insects, large, small, living, breathing, inanimate. My favorite phrase in the world has been ‘it is what it is’ because that’s exactly how things are. Nothing makes your heart more joyous than spending time connecting with others, connecting with nature, and just purely being connected.

Once you begin to peel away and heal the old layers, the being you reveal will shine so brightly you won’t be able to help but see the beautiful star you are. You are a piece of all that is, a sliver of this multi-dimensional universe, a being so strong and powerful there could never be an urge to flaunt it. You are one with all around you. You are love. You are peace. You are strength. You are beauty. You are so complex and divine that there are truly no words to fully portray the wonderful portrait of your glowing soul.

Step into yourself and allow your soul to whisper in your ear. Such moving and unique stories it has to share with you. I have personally witnessed in my own life what power there is in acknowledging yourself, your deep dark secrets and locked away emotions. Sometimes you have to allow yourself the space to break down and fall apart so that you can see the big picture. Only then can you begin to piece your soul’s puzzle back together in a more beneficial pattern. Always remember that sometimes the portrait you create now will need to be broken back down and rearranged later…that is the bittersweet magic of the paths we walk at this time. Recognizing and moving through these moments becomes a little easier each time. You are never alone in your darkness. There is always love and support surrounding you. Know that you truly do heal the world around you as you begin to heal yourself.

So for now, I leave you with this: what sort of web have you weaved for yourself up to now? Bring your awareness to the thoughts, emotions, and energy that you have swirling around you at this moment. Are there parts that you must pull away to rebuild, parts that require more structural support or are no longer necessary? Be as the spider; she is a mindful master of her own universe.  Swift and meticulous while also keenly aware and cautious of where she constructs her web, how each line of silk is laid out and interconnected, as well as what she allows in her space of sanctuary.

Chaos Serene – Examining our Mental Vortex

How does one examine the swirling inner vortex of their own mind?  How do you pin a false belief down in this enormous sea of thoughts and feelings?

The answer is that you must never pin anything down.  That, in itself, is the worst false belief existing within our society today.  To pin something down, you take away it’s universal gift of freedom.

You must sit quietly with them. Tell them your fears, examine your thoughts (with detachment), and allow them to reveal their truth to you as you become more equipped mentally and emotionally to handle it. We sometimes find ourselves with this extreme desire to angrily track each feeling down, hold it against the wall, and demand it spill it’s secrets so that we may heal. It will never work that way and only cause extra frustration and blockage. The angrier you are, the less you are able to be open to the love and healing that is held within your truth. Calm your heart. Sit and be with who you are now. Love everything about how you are right now, no judgement or labels.

This is the part where I quote my favorite human being of all time, Bruce Lee to give you another example of what I meant above:

“Don’t make a plan of fighting, that is a very good way to lose your teeth. If you try to remember, you will lose. Empty your mind. Be formless. Shapeless. Like water. Now, you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. Put it into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or creep or drip or CRASH. Be water my friend.” –

How could you expect your mind to bestow you with emotional and spiritual truths when you’re already weighed down so heavily by rage, resentment, or fear? Your mind will quite naturally go into a protective defense state, preventing you from forcing the unknown upon yourself.

The key is to change your perspective when you begin focusing on your healing process. Don’t go into a meditation with the intention of tracking some previous memory down so that you may heal some part of yourself. Go into your meditation as water. Just flow, allow things to float by you as they are meant to.

Everything happens for a reason and in it’s own divine timing. Remember that you are loved and supported at all times by those around you, both seen and unseen.

Here’s a little poem I wrote, inspired by this subject. 🙂

– Chaos Serene –
Intellectual mind,
temporarily blind.
Smothered intuition,
dreams with no fruition.
Truth and justice smothered,
lies waiting to be uncovered.
Love trumps hate,
we must avoid the bait.
Love. Peace. Joy. Compassion.
Find your inner guru,
and all will pass thru you.

2016: The Year of Pure Poetry

It’s that time of year again…everyone’s looking for some new goal to set for the start of a brand new year. For the most part, I believe that if it wasn’t important enough for me to focus on in the past year, there’s no reason that the moment the clock strikes midnight on December 31st my goal is magically going to mean more.
With that said, this year I did begin to examine the possibility of making a change or two for 2016, with the loving push of two beautiful soul sisters.

I woke up very early yesterday morning for a beach walk with two of my closest friends and mentors. The sun was casting a radiant golden beam of shimmering light across the water as we maneuvered through the mine field of little blue blobs of man o’ war.

Each of us stopped here and there to pick up a sea shell or stone as we discussed different topics. We discovered a rather amazing treasure trove, a wondrous assortment of different shells with varying shapes, sizes and colors. We each began searching for those special pieces that called to us uniquely.  As each of us inquisitively combed the beach, sifting through shells and sand, one of the women posed the question, ‘so, what are you letting go of / not carrying with you into the new year?’.

My immediate answer was ‘false beliefs’ but I quickly recognized how insurmountable a task that would be so I corrected myself to ‘letting go of the false belief that I’m not good enough, that I can’t make good decisions for myself’.  We spiraled ever further into the vortex of this discussion, digging deeper until the question was reposed as ‘what would you like to do differently in the new year?’  After a moment of internal reflection, I came to my conclusion: “2016 is going to be a year of pure poetry for me”.

So what does this mean, a year of pure poetry, and how is that even possible?  First and foremost, I envision myself writing with more fluidity and creativity than ever before.  However, in true poetic spirit, the statement has different layers and meanings depending on your perspective.  Every single verse, every word, invokes some thought or emotion deep within the core of your being.  That is why poetry is an art-form in itself.  None of what is invoked is either good or bad, not until we attach the labels to it anyway.  This is because our mind provokes us to label everything we see based on past experiences and pains.  Poetry allows the writer to examine the deepest recesses of their mind, their darkest moments as well as their most joyous memories, in such a way that brings light and beauty into every corner.

In essence, my goal for 2016 will be to strive every day to uncover the poetic jewels hidden within each moment of my life without attaching unnecessary labels.  This coming year, I will look at my life as a wonderful poem being written with every thought, every word, every footstep, and every interaction.

I will remember that there are lessons in every single word scribbled down into the leather-bound notebook of my heart and soul.  I will keep my heart open and remember that I am constantly surrounded by inspiration, if only I allow the ink pen of my life experiences to gently scroll across the pages, unbiased and untethered.

Change is being whispered upon the wind; a change of perspective and of heart.  I can’t wait to unfurl my sail and begin a brand new journey across undiscovered seas!

Cardinal Presence

Oh sweet little red blur,

How you brighten the darkest of days,

A sweet chirp chirp from a distant branch,

Hidden away from prying eyes,

A swift flit, a moments glance,

But oh how I treasure each one.

Alligator Medicine | Boundaries & Honor

Just as an alligator fiercely defends it’s territory, you must defend your boundaries and honor.  This does not mean that you should be hurtful or aggressive, it merely means that you should keep a keen eye on the situations as they arise and act swiftly with purpose and defense.  Make your point clear but keep your thoughts and words flowing with the energy of love and not hate. Some people will not budge even after you’ve made your boundaries clear; you cannot change the way a person thinks or feels and at that point, you should just walk away from it peacefully, accepting that the person clearly doesn’t resonate with you.  Learn to choose your battles.  Keep calm, clear and centered at all times.  This will keep you from saying or doing things that cannot be taken back.  Sometimes you will bump into a log or be caught up in foliage, but remain calm and centered and it will eventually pass, as all things do.

Dainty Daffodil

 Dainty little yellow daffodil,
Slowly swaying back and forth,
The light spring breeze drifting whimsically,
Gently tickling the edges of each petal,
As if fairies were dancing from flower to flower,
Delighting in the beautiful blooms,
Rejoicing in Earth Mother’s blessings and love.

Love and Compassion: Higher Purpose

We all have our own truths to discover in whatever way is necessary for our higher selves.

One thing to keep in mind is that no answer is ever truly wrong, just different than what you hold to be true.

        Ever heard the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”?  🙂

There is a level of wisdom in being able to take a step back and say, ‘hmm..I never saw it that way’.


Judgement is a human vice and it is one of the biggest hurdles we have placed in front of ourselves within this life, next to greed and hatred.

Don’t judge anyone because they always seem to be carrying negativity.  They are either a mirror image of something you don’t like within yourself or are learning their lessons at a different pace than you.

Do what you can to uplift and guide this person but not at the expense of your own happiness.

Sometimes people cannot be helped because they must learn to help themselves and you must learn to see this in situations.

We are responsible to love in this life, not to judge.


Only once you have fully embraced love in all aspects can you begin to truly understand this life.  

Your heart is essential.  Let it grow, and it will provide warmth for the entire world.


No one can ever tell you how to feel or think, these things are both entirely in your control.

Not a soul on this Earth can force you to be angry or sad, you have chosen to react in those ways.

Instead of examining all of the negative possibilities when a situation arises, why not instead try to examine all the possible positive outcomes.

We must control those sorts of reactions and remain centered in love.

Manifest your own happiness.

You are the only one who will be held responsible for the outcome of your lives in the end.

There is a lesson in every interaction we have on this planet, whether it be that we learn to accept another’s beliefs as their own, or to learn a new concept for ourselves…all truly boiling down to you learning who you are as a person and as a spirit.

Butterfly Shadows

Sometimes all it takes is a day of complete silence to realize that you really need to deal with those shadows in the closet. The mind is a wonderful and powerful tool. I say this not with negative inflections but merely as a silent observation of self and a realization that all things must be addressed, not just the easiest and most obvious things that push their way to the surface.
In most cases, the easier to handle shadows are merely a subconscious way to hide those deepest in the dark. In essence, you have a lot of work to do and it is a struggle to keep yourself from being pulled into the abyss of ‘nothing can change’ or ‘I just don’t know what the problem is, I must be broken’. Nothing that is broken is beyond repair, even if it is that you must find a new purpose for the broken pieces.
Everything has a purpose in this life, dark and light, and we must make room to respect and cherish both sides equally. One cannot be ignored or pushed aside if we desire to be in balance. Know that you are not alone as we all have our own shadows to come to terms with, and some may be more difficult than your own. Trust in yourself and do not judge, caress your inner child and let him/her know that it’s okay to turn the light on in the closet, the monsters are not quite as nasty as they seem.
The baggage weighs heavy on those that continue to pack away their shadows and never address them; heavy shoulders and heavy heart. Do not allow yourself the ease of pretending those things don’t exist because some day, in some way, you will have to address it and it may not be quite as easy or pleasant to look at then. Know that the best thing you can do is to slowly begin to unpack that baggage and know that those who hurt you in the past cannot continue to do so in the present unless you allow it to eat at you. It is a choice, it always has been and will be.
Forgive yourself and forgive all others, knowing that we all need to be healed but some are in need more than others. Let the resentment, fear and hatred that fills your heart be replaced with respect, strength and love. It is not an easy path that you chose, but it is your path, none the less. Pick yourself up and light your own way, you can’t expect anyone else to do it for you.
A butterfly cannot live up to its potential if it is kept away from the spring meadow with its nectar sweet flowers. 
Do not restrict yourself so badly that you never get to experience the meadow.
Love yourself enough to learn what you need to flourish with excitement and joy in your life. 
Spread your uniquely astonishing and beautiful little wings and fly with exquisite wonder and grace.
Peace and love to all.

"A Time to Talk" by Robert Frost – Poetry Insight

~ A Time to Talk ~


 “When a friend calls to me from the road
And slows his horse to a meaning walk,
I don’t stand still and look around
On hills I haven’t hoed,
And shout from where I am, What is it?
No, not as there is a time to talk.
I thrust my hoe in the mellow ground, 
Blade-end up and five feet tall,
And plod: I go up to the stone wall
For a friendly visit.”


Nothing should ever be more important than your friends and family that you brush them to the side, as though a chore could take priority over having a joyful moment in conversation with them.  In these days of constant work work work, remember to pause for those closest to you and share in many moments of joy and laughter.  You’ll find it’s one of the best remedies to feeling drained and exhausted!

Explorations of the Heart | My Mission

My life has been a challenging journey so far, but I honestly wouldn’t want to go back to change one thing about it.  Each hardship endured, each goal and achievement reached has made me the person I am now, in this moment.

Admittedly, for awhile it seemed that the whirlwind of negativity was out of control.  And I believe that it probably was, at least for a little while.  Failed relationships, broken hearts, stress and loss from every perceived angle.  It was very easy to play the victim for some time.  Without those experiences though, I would never have truly understood how difficult it is for someone suffering from anxiety, depression and PTSD to simply relax and be present.  To struggle in remaining spiritually in tune and even to meditate for more than five minutes.  When any unexpected noise jolts you from your focus and throws you into a terrorized fight mode.  To jump out of your skin over something as innocent as a car door…heart racing, hands shaking, irrationally fearful that someone is going to attack you.  Some days you just pray for an end to it all, in whatever way is necessary.  Those that haven’t been through the experience will never truly be able to understand it.  So for that, I am thankful…another layer of compassion activated, a new and unique way to understand the suffering of others.

Thankfully we are surrounded by loving soul sisters and brothers to remind us of our divinity and strength.  To shine a light in our darkness and gently guide us toward our truths.  I am so grateful for all of these souls, even the negatively perceived ones, because we learn so many valuable things about ourselves that way.

The biggest lesson I’ve come to is that you must always be 100% transparent and honest about your feelings, especially in a romantic relationship.  You can’t bottle all of your feelings up or try to mask yourself to fit other’s perceptions and expectations of who you are or who you should be.  If you don’t have any love or respect for yourself, you can always expect that others will disrespect you.  If you never set any boundaries with others, they will always be crossed.

The only way you will ever be with the right person, the one who will really help you reach the stars and stretch beyond all your limitations, is by being who you truly are and allowing them the same.  Being kind but truthful.  Embodying everything you love and hold dear on every step of your path, never faltering because of someone else’s opinions, but doing so from a place of love, compassion and honor.  Knowing that your thoughts and words 100% dictate how your life progresses, the people and situations you attract, puts the power of positivity back in your own hands.  The power to direct your life in a direction that makes your heart expand, your soul stretch and your feet dance.

This life is full of joy, love and peace because that is who we are, if only we will remember with our hearts instead of our minds.  We can only truly heal one another by understanding and empathizing with other’s feelings.  This is my purpose in this life…opening the doorways to hidden feelings in order to heal and cure the physical manifestations they’ve become.

I believe there is no single true way of healing, no “cure-all”.  We are all multifaceted and multidimensional beings requiring different techniques to heal our complex souls.

I believe a powerful healing combination exists amongst the herbs, teas, crystals, scents and colors.  Because of this, I am also a bit of a dabbler in many healing techniques.  There are so many wonderful gifts on this beautiful planet of ours, each having a uniquely divine purpose and message to share, if only we open our hearts to listen.

I am also entirely open to learning and receiving new methods of healing.  With that said, this is the beginning of my new blog.

The reason I called it ‘Badgers Blends’ is because badger is my totem animal.  Amazing creatures that fiercely defend their home (Earth), very wise in the ways of herbs and
plants, as well as highly observant, inquisitive and aware of it’s surroundings at all times.

I would like this blog to be a haven for open discussions of natural healing thru subjects that feed the heart and soul.  A fantastic knowledge base that people can refer to so that all may reap the benefits of nature’s healing wisdom.  The insights I share will likely be very raw but full of truth and love in the hopes that it will reach others and heal the parts of their hearts that have been sealed off from the world.

So please, come sit with me, have some tea, and listen to the whispers in the trees.